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POLL: Do you think the UFC will announce Fedor has signed on Saturday?
Yes 70% (30)
No 30% (13)
9/6/07 4:36:24PM
Yet Another Fedor Topic

With recent talks, a "historic" matchup on free TV, lots of "rumors on the internets", and no official word yet on Fedor's destination, will Saturday be the day that endless speculative topics like this one come to a close?
9/6/07 4:40:09PM
Voted yes... If they don't do it now, I don't see them ever getting this done... If it took 6 years to get Wand, I can't imagine that Fedor would be any easier
9/6/07 4:47:10PM
to say the truth, im not sure, bu i voted yes, because i am that hopefull that he will be signed...
9/6/07 4:47:35PM
i know hes going to be there, although theyre saying its due to a sponsor, but with all the mixed news weve heard about him either he is signed and they are doing their best at zuffa to send out as many reports that the meeting didnt go well to keep the news a secret, or we wont be seeing fedor in the ufc for at least a year or two. my gut tells me that zuffa has been running interference and has him signed and will make the big announcement saturday. im hoping this isnt just wishful thinking.
9/6/07 4:53:51PM

Posted by juanez13

to say the truth, im not sure, bu i voted yes, because i am that hopefull that he will ne signed...

me too
9/6/07 5:01:45PM
i hope so
9/6/07 5:02:16PM
I'm gonna say no, because I'm sure if they signed him it would be all over the internet by now, and I think most casual fans or people who just stumbled upon UFC 75 would be saying "Fedor who?" and completely not give a crap. Of course I'm hoping they do, but I voted no.
9/6/07 5:47:59PM
I think its about time and he has to be ther for a reason i know about the Affliction thing, but this has to be it, we've waited to long
9/6/07 6:07:03PM
i voted no but i hope its yes, he is suposed to be in attendance
9/7/07 1:37:50AM
so what if he signed on to affliction clothing, others that have don't come on to a ufc event to announce their new clothing line. He is signed and the announcement will be made before the main event, and i'll bet the house on it!!!!
9/7/07 2:14:28AM
Yeah, maybe it's just hopeful thinking, but flying to a UFC event to promote Randy's t-shirt company just seems a little excessive and like a bogus cover-up to hide the signing. It also seems strange that there were a bunch of reports saying talks were going well and they were getting closer to a deal and then Dana comes out saying they're nowhere close just as we hear about his ufc 75 appearance.

Who knows. I hope he's signed anyway.
9/7/07 7:47:08AM
No. If a deal were already done it would've been announced already, and we just saw with Lesnar that just because you're there doesn't mean a deal is done.
9/7/07 1:16:17PM
I'll believe it when I see it until then I am not gettin excited about it.
9/7/07 1:29:19PM
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