Xyience Auction Set For April 1

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3/6/08 7:38:43AM
Xyience, the former UFC sponsor, will go on the auction block April 1. Although a buyer has been found, the agreement is subject to a competitive bidding process that will culminate in a court auction on April 1, provided other qualified bidders express interest in purchasing Xyience. The favorite is believed to be Zyen, a company controlled by the Fertittas, owners of UFC.

3/6/08 11:58:58AM
hmmm....Those Fertittas are a very crafty bunch...i would find it very funny if mark cuban outbid them for the company, lol
3/6/08 2:35:22PM
"l dollar bid, now 2,
now 2, will you give me 2?

2 dollar bid, now 3,

now 3, will you give me 3?

3 dollar bid, now 4,

now 4, will you give me 4?"
3/6/08 2:52:45PM
I got your 4 right here Fertittas
3/6/08 6:48:42PM
with the scandal around UFC & Xyience, does anyone else think its weird that they didn't use the Zuffa name too place a bid on Xyience?

sounds like MORE FRAUD!

BTW does anyone know when Zyen was made a "Company"
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