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7/20/07 8:28:53PM
anyone try any of the xyience products???
which ones worked for u???
7/20/07 8:34:25PM
check out the MMA training section they have a whole thing on Xyience and N.O. Xplode, very helpful.
7/20/07 9:12:55PM
I've tried Muscle Meal, XNGF, and XNO. They work decent. First time I've used them
7/22/07 9:22:22PM
it is expensive very expensive.
7/23/07 1:42:43AM
I got great deal on the CG3 with Nitric Oxide, and I am very disapointed. I like NO explode 500x more. There is more creatine in the Xyience, so that is better, but I got no increased energy from CG3. After I am done with this bottle I will go back to NO Explode and a creatine monohydrate.
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