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POLL: which would it be?
Faber Vs KID 29% (4)
Fedor Vs Anderson 21% (3)
CroCop Vs. Anderson 0% (0)
Gomi Vs. Gilbert 7% (1)
Anderson Vs. Liddell 21% (3)
Kazushi Vs. Rickson 21% (3)
7/12/08 8:28:17PM
i was thinking about the best strikers in each division...and CroCop comes up and Anderson comes up...that would be a crazy fight! i think crocop could make 205 and since Anderson is moving up it wouldn't be such a weight problem...

CroCop is the striker that could beat Anderson without a doubt. dont start yelling weight advantage because Bj moved up several weight classes to take on Lyoto and all Anderson would have to do is move up one

and another is Fedor Vs Anderson which would be amazing as well...

I have never had much Respect for the Gracie's because of their lack of respect to others and Rickson claiming his unbelievable 300-0 record or whatever it is, is just annoying. so him and Kazushi Sakaraba would be grrrreat!

Anderson Silva Vs. Paulo philho...Anderson stating before that he would not fight Paulo makes me wanna cry because he's one of the very few tests Anderson has at 185...and i would LOVE to see it

7/12/08 8:41:40PM
i would have like to seen Bas Rutten vs Rickson, Bas called him out in pancrase, but it never happened.

Cro Cop vs anderson would be murder, a body kick by mirko and i'd probably break every rib anderson has. thinking about it i dont see Anderson having much of a chance, Mirko moves in and moves out quickly, and circles out fast, anderson wouldnt have a chance to hit him,and would just get eaten by kicks from the outside (he is very lanky, wouldnt take much to take his legs out, and he cant take many body shots either)

Other fight->>

Henderson vs Lindland
Henderson Vs Randy at 205
Sylvia vs Schilt (yes, i know, but i'd like to see Sylvia get killed.)
Gomi vs Stout or Fisher
Gomi Vs JZ
and last but not least--->>>
Giant Silva vs Bob Sapp
7/12/08 8:45:42PM
Screw this I want Miguel Torres vs Yamamoto. Miguel can put a few pounds of muscle and he is tall enough to have a reach advantage, this could be Apocalyptic.
7/12/08 11:28:59PM
henderson vs lindland
bablau vs tito
7/13/08 12:59:14AM
Couture vs. Rampage (205)
Lindland vs. Hendo
Cro Cop vs. Sylvia
Matt Hamill vs. Tito
Anderson Silva vs. Kongo
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