Xtreme Couture Hints at Silva-Jardine Fight, Silva-Liddell Rematch

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2/20/08 6:39:54PM
UFC light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva has returned to Las Vegas for training at Xtreme Couture, and the author of the fight team’s official blog hints that Silva will next fight Keith Jardine in May — and possibly Chuck Liddell in December

“Randy (Couture) says that he and Wanderlei will continue working up until Wand’s next fight,” states the Xtreme Couture blog. “We’re not sure if we’re allowed to say who he is fighting next. But we’re told it will happen in May and it is someone who has fought Chuck… Wanderlei tells us he’d like to rack up a couple of wins and rematch Chuck on New Year’s (Eve).“

Although he’s currently riding a three-fight losing streak, Silva is still generally considered one of the world’s top light-heavyweight fighters. The 31-year-old fighter held PRIDE’s middleweight (205-lb.) title for more than five years while also winning the organization’s 2003 Open-Weight Grand Prix championship.

2/20/08 6:52:57PM
This would be a good fight. I can see either fighter winning this fight. I have always been a big fan of Jardine and Silva.

Wouldn't it be ironic, if after all of these years of hype about the Liddell / Silva fight, a former TUF cast member beats both of them.
2/20/08 6:59:48PM
Hopefully he beats whomever he fights next, and if he fights Chuck again I hope he fights a smarter fight.
2/20/08 7:05:27PM

Posted by cmill21

Hopefully he beats whomever he fights next, and if he fights Chuck again I hope he fights a smarter fight.

Yeah, lookin at his fight against Liddell, it looked like he had a bad case of cagefright. I dont know how else to put it.

Plain and Simple. Not on his Game.

Bad CageFright!!
2/20/08 7:56:16PM
Silva-Liddell was too good

can't imagine Silva-Liddell 2 .... I believe we'll see the KO (either way) this time
2/21/08 8:48:47AM
Man, I really hope the Jardine/Silva fight happens.

However, I think if Jardine can come away with the win, that he DEFINITELY deserves the next title shot agains forrest/rampage.

If Silva wins it really gets tricky for who should get the next title fight.
Man, I would love to see a Chuck/Machida match to determine the next title shot if Machida beats Ortiz.
2/21/08 12:00:07PM
Jardine/Silva could be a very interesting fight. Jardine has become a much smarter fighter as time has passed, but I hope he doesnt wind up getting the rep that T.Sylvia has, of being boring. I really enjoyed his fight vs. Chuck, but I heard more than a few people who "didnt get it" and thought it was a dull fight. He had Chuck tied up in knots with the tactics he employed and wound up winning a fight -no one- other than Jardine & Jardine's mom thought he could win.

If he could manage to frustrate Silva in the same way, the results may very well be the same. I like Jardine on some primal level, he just looks like a psychopath & I like that in a fighter. Then again, so does Silva...so on the psycho looks front, I have to call the fight a draw (its a highly scientific algorythem that determines psycho-look factor advantage, so I wont bore you with it here).

Rampage? Rampage Jackson? Oh yeah...he's the LHW champ, huh? Been so long since he fought, I had to look him up on Wikipedia. Still have to wait all the way thru another TUF till he fights...WAY too long between fights (for me as a fan...I reckon he'll be ready when the time comes).

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