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10/5/08 3:41:28PM
whut up guys? got a supp. question for ya. i recently started taking a preworkout drink called no xplode. I'm sure some of you have heard and or use this stuff. but heres the deal when i'm working out and its kickin ass for whatever reason but i heard a little stipulation that it really decreases your flexibility and speed with prolonged use. anybody heard the word?
10/5/08 3:44:12PM
It got banned in Ireland about a year ago so I cant try it but it was very popular before that.
10/6/08 2:10:15AM
Please look at the active ingredients on the back......

Does it contain Arginine???
10/13/08 2:51:17PM
I love the stuff.

Though I can't attribute this to NO XPLODE,I did have a weird thingshappen.

About 1 year after using the product my Esaphagus closed up and I had to have an operation to re-open it.That was weird,but the stuff is great!
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