XFC's Nick Newell (one armed fighter)

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4/10/12 6:15:46PM
I saw this on junkie, though I had seen him a few year back, and thought he wouldn't last long, a gimmick maybe. But he has persevered and he is still here. Raises some interesting points. This guy is a huge inspiration to me. I have arthritis in my spine, hips and chest, and was using it as an excuse not to train.

Nick is missing half his arm. I feel like a tool. I don't care whether he gets embarassingly KO'd in his next fight, Nick has gone further than most could with his condition. On a side note, I do feel rather sorry for anyone who fights him, as fighting someone with an obvious disadvantage is a lose-lose situation.

4/10/12 6:49:33PM
he was a very accomplished wrestler as well. plus, him winning by way of heel hook with his disabled arm was fuckin sick. it just showed that he really doesnt have as much of a disadvantage as people would like to think. i would bet that he can throw a pretty wicked elbow with that short arm.
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