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1/9/08 7:08:50PM
HI my name is Mika I am a ring girl here at xcessfighting.com. Xcess fighting is proud to present the much anticipated fight betreen Mark Kurr and Stephen Gavin. If you missed the event November 3rd you missed out on a spectacular show down between two skilled heavy weight fighters. We will be releasing this fight on Xcessfighting.com January 10th 2008 . It is free to view so log on sign up and watch these two fighters battle it out. Who wins? Log on and find out!
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1/10/08 10:47:16PM
maybe we would, but you didn't provide the link and we are all LAZY!!!!
1/11/08 12:43:29AM
It might help if you corrected your spelling too, his name is Mark Kerr (Yup she must really be a ring girl).