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1/5/09 5:57:04AM
hey guys if any of u guys would like to play some game with me on live that would be cool, id like to have some guys that are mma fans to talk to while playing games

my xbox live gamertag is: Bushid0 (thats the number 0 at the end)

if u add me tell me ur from this website so i know who u are

the games play on live are:

call of duty 4
call of duty 5
gears of war 2
halo 3
left 4 dead
1/5/09 12:54:34PM

halo 3

gears 2

007 quantom of solace
1/5/09 6:17:18PM
How is the 007 Quantum Solace. I am scared to try those anymore but always wonder if they have made another Goldeneye when the new games come out.
1/5/09 8:43:11PM
i'd suggest renting it. it's good are as far as single player mostly and the online multiplayer is ok but addicting.
1/5/09 9:01:38PM
if your trying to play call of dudty 4 im down whenever my name is aaa9erh8er(i keep it simpel) hit me up or ill hit you well do it
1/5/09 9:02:03PM
my gamertag is dannyfrank

i play Halo 3 and GOW 2

i havent actually signed up for gold membership yet, so it'll probably be a week or so before i am actually on
4/26/12 3:51:04PM
My gamertag is Kopower15

Only playing Mass Effect 3 right now though.
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