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11/29/08 10:55:40AM
Wow, just wow. Has anyone else seen this, It was advertised on spike, and passed off as being part of the UFC. It was actually just created from one of the original guys that created the UFC who is one of the biggest losers if not the biggest loser in the world. www.xarm.com This is not good for MMA, but it is good for a laugh.
11/29/08 11:28:01AM
Where's the link???
11/29/08 11:31:33AM
Oh give me a break, nobody is gonna buy into this. It looks like something too highschoolers would do in their basement, they dont seem like professionals at all.
11/29/08 11:33:30AM
Where is the link???
11/29/08 11:35:38AM

Posted by Porch28

Where's the link???

Sorry, here it is Link
11/29/08 11:36:45AM
I have never seen anything this bad before.
11/29/08 11:44:36AM
OMG!!!!!! That is the gayest s**t ever!!!!!. MMA is getting big and people are just trying to cash in on all kinds of stupid ideas. I mean it was funny as hell to watch but trying to do an arm bar over an arm wrestling table just stupid. I can't wait for all this stuff to go away good find though

The worst name also . I compete in XARM it's like arm wrestling but we can punch each other while we're tied up it's the next best thing NOT!!!!!!!!
11/29/08 11:49:00AM
I just saw it was posted already on OCT.9 but hey I bet a lot of people never saw it like me
11/29/08 11:56:58AM
lame but good for a laugh
11/29/08 12:00:35PM
I think its funny as hell though, lets see here lets strap two guys together and let them beat the hell out of each other.
11/29/08 12:23:57PM
Moved to Padded Room.
11/29/08 12:28:07PM
what a joke, hey i got an idea let chain two guys to a table and get them to fight. its sports like these that are gonna set mma back. and there was almost 0 arm wrestling. why dont they just do us all a favor, chain them together and give them some knifes and get them to kill all of the competitors in xarm. anyone who is involved in this shit should not be aloud to participate in mma, in any facit
11/29/08 12:28:10PM
That is truly the most senseless thing i'v ever seen..lol
11/29/08 1:01:38PM
using the arm table thing as part of the arm bar is a great way to rip off someones elbow. That shit is retarded and dangerous.
11/29/08 1:25:14PM
how did he score the 1st round 10-8? he got him in 2 armbars!!

this video made me die a little inside

thanks a lot
11/29/08 2:48:46PM
goodbye mmaplayground, hello xarm playground..........i cant even joke about this abortion of a sport
11/29/08 3:17:59PM
Watched it earlier today, so cheesy it was almost funny. Although for only having one hand/arm free to use, that 46-year-old big guy pulled off a fairly nice-looking armbar. Seems more about how well you can beat up the other guy with one free fist than arm wrestling.
11/29/08 3:57:41PM
its essentially siamise death matches
11/29/08 4:13:17PM

Posted by cmb19932

its essentially siamise death matches

11/29/08 4:55:02PM
wow, just wow. i'm completely dumbfounded by this video. it's amazing what some people think will make good tv. did u also notice that they never show the crowd? didn't sound like a big turn out.

11/29/08 4:57:47PM
Sly Stallone FTW!
11/29/08 7:02:36PM
The one line that wraps it all up for me...

"They're calling for the duc tape! This will hold anything together, i've even seen it hold together airplanes!"
11/29/08 9:35:10PM
You've got to be f**king kidding me

I am now less of a person for watching that.
11/29/08 10:57:58PM
They were interviewing the creator of this horse sh*t on Inside MMA this week. He actually thinks this is "the next evolution in combat sports". It was kind of funny, right after plugging the show Kenny, Bas and the panel spent the next 5 minutes bashing it. No way this show lasts long.
11/30/08 4:10:58PM
Oh uh.
We know what Gary Goodridge will be up to!

That looks terrible,but I can't knock Art Davie.
If it wasn't for him,their WOULD BE NO UFC!!!!!

He was the only person that took a chance of Rorion Gracie's idea.
And in the long run it payed off.
Xarm sucks,but Art Davie deserves respect.
11/30/08 4:18:35PM

Posted by mrsmiley

Oh uh.
We know what Gary Goodridge will be up to!

I was thinking the same thing, but as much as I like Gary, I see him getting KOed in this atrocity as much as K1 or MMA.
11/30/08 4:48:41PM
12/1/08 2:28:10PM
this is the most retarded thing i've ever seen.

This stupid sport wont last. Look at other stupid sports, XFL=Dead
Trampoline basketball=Dead
Xarm= was dead from the time art davie come up with the idea.
the only good retarded sport was Baseketball
12/1/08 4:50:35PM

Posted by Naturaldisaster
the only good retarded sport was Baseketball

You have that right my friend.
12/1/08 9:12:49PM
Ha ha that is so retarded that it is AWESOME!!!! Seriously I took it as a joke, I know Davie thinks it is serious but my god did it make me laugh.....made my day actually.

In all honestly I feel bad for the guys competing in it, and WTF.....armbars???!

Ha ha seriously toooooo funny.
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