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1/25/07 9:04:20PM
too bad he lost he will be back....WeLoan.Us
1/25/07 9:22:55PM
Damn I was expecting Herring to blow through him.. guess not. Alittle disappointed in Herring's performance, but I hope he comes back stronger.
1/25/07 9:39:08PM
We are all a little upset..o brien just wouldnt let him up becasue of obvios reasons. The one time o brien let him up in the 3rd round he almost KTFO to little time to late. But come on we didnt come to see a wrestling match but its not Herrings fault he wanted to stand .
1/25/07 10:47:47PM
Herring had ZERO takedown defense, and fights WAY too short for his height. He's 6'4'' but he stoops down to like 6' or shorter. I was very, very unimpressed. He was outclassed by Jake O'Brien and I think if Jake wasn't a young, inexperienced fighter, he would have finished Herring early. He had numerous opportunities to end it, even in the first round. Overall, very unimpressive performance. Dana White has to be disappointed as well.
1/25/07 10:57:12PM
think we are were but cant judge him by 1 fight. First time fighting in UFC probably had some jitters he will definitly bounce back.
1/26/07 3:51:22AM
Lackluster performance by both.

May be jitters but Herring has been around long enough to overcome that. I think he thought he could taunt Obrien into standing with him. Wasn't going to happen. He got nulified by a wrestler. Pretty common, but that doesn't excuse his terrible defense.

Might have been overconfidence going into the fight.

Obrien needs to learn how to execute a submission. He had dozens of opportunities but never made it happen. Reminds me of an early Rashad (note I say EARLY Rashad - nice kick).

Hope he starts working on that side more.

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