WWE Pay-per-view Update

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12/10/08 9:47:51PM
Hopefully this doesn't get randomly deleted...

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE No Mercy drew 238,000 buys (150,000 in North America) while the company’s Cyber Sunday event drew 162,000 buys (102,000 in North America). By comparison, last year Cyber Sunday drew 194,000 buys while No Mercy drew 271,000.

With twelve events in the books and two oustanding, WWE has posted roughly 4,123,000 million buys for an average of 343,583 per event. Wrestlemania, the company’s marque event, drew 1,058,000 buys in March, putting it in the running with UFC 91 and De La Hoya-Pacquiao for biggest pay-per-view of the year.

12/10/08 10:42:43PM
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