WWE online network announcment eclipses Fight Pass

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1/9/14 12:14:11AM
On Wednesday night the WWE announced the details for their upcoming digital network. One key feature has it standing well above UFC Fight Pass.

1/9/14 12:21:44AM
How is this considered MMA news?

As for the feature that has it standing well above the UFC Fight Pass:

But, where the WWE really broke the mold was including all 12 of their yearly pay-per-view events in the service. That's right, every one of their monthly PPVs will be available as part of the $9.99 per month subscription fee. That includes their biggest event Wrestlemania which typically draws around 1M buys, as well as other notable events like Royal Rumble and Summerslam.

I still have no interest in watching that fake nonsense
1/9/14 12:38:03AM

Posted by Webbie

How is this considered MMA news?

The WWE is one of the UFC's biggest competitors for the 18-35 male demographic. I put it under miscellaneous.
1/9/14 1:08:38AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Posted by Webbie

How is this considered MMA news?

The WWE is one of the UFC's biggest competitors for the 18-35 male demographic. I put it under miscellaneous.

Yeah, I don't blame you for posting it here. I just think it's weird that BE posts this stuff.
1/9/14 8:06:18AM
zOmg, the online network announcement heard 'round the world!
1/9/14 9:59:01AM
Wow shit I might get their pass

I doubt UFC does this but
I do think for a 9.99 a month
The UFC should give you one free ppv per year.
They may do that next year
1/9/14 1:11:22PM
Weird the article I read yesterday said they didn't think the PPVs were included. They said if you got a 6 mo. subscription you would get this years Wrestle Mania on it. The numbers are a bit strange. I think they said the WWE only gets $17 off ppv money once the cable provider gets their cut. This money would be all theirs. I guess they are figuring if they sell cheaper more people will buy monthly which would raise their revenue. Im not sure that will work, but Id say its worth a shot. That way instead of people who buy bigger events, maybe people will buy all events. This may be the future of TV and sports. We will see I guess.
1/9/14 1:46:29PM
Blows UFC's fight pass away if you get one ppv per month for your $10. Bravo to WWE and congrats to their fans, good day for them.
1/9/14 1:57:38PM
anybody that signed up for the free trial for the ufc fight pass have any problems with it?

I watched the entire season of uk vs. australia which was cool but I can't get the 2nd season of TUF Brazil to play. It keeps saying to subscribe or buy but there aren't any options to do that.

I sent them an e-mail but haven't heard back yet. Just curious if i'm the only one.

sorry for going off topic but this thread seemed like a good place bring this up.
1/10/14 8:01:55AM
The $10 a month is worth it alone just to watch the Legends House reality show. For those of you who grew up on some old school wrasslin....would enjoy it.

Mean Gene, Hacksaw, The Fink, Pat Patterson and others all living in a house together.

Love it or hate but Vince Mcmahon and the WWE are beyond huge worldwide...They're like the Vegas of entertainment they can comp you free drinks and smokes, But other newer casinos make you pay for that shit.