WWE Finishes Production On MMA Film "Knucklehead"

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11/3/09 2:12:58PM
Coming next spring starring WWE giant Paul Wight, aka WEEEEEELLLLLLLL, Well It's The Big Show!


Now before you start thinking about how bad/ridiculous/funny this could turn out, bear in mind that Wight, should he ever really try MMA, is right up there with Hong-Man Choi. Wight is billed as 7', 485 pounds. Which would make for the ultimate freak show fight.
11/3/09 2:52:21PM
11/3/09 3:02:25PM
yeah its going to be straight to DVD, but its a comedy so im not going to get my panties in a bind over a MMA movie starring the big show.......its got to be better than the marine right?
11/3/09 3:05:34PM
cowcatcher wears panties...

11/3/09 3:15:17PM
you already forgot your labor day present to me?
11/3/09 3:18:30PM
I got a good deal on that gift pack!

11/3/09 3:20:14PM
in fairness, as an mma fan i saw sugar, couture, and what i thought was randy(turned out to be candy but i cant read cursive) and i thought is was a rashad and randy 5 pack.
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