WWE's Chris Jericho Accuses Brock Lesnar of Taking a Dive at UFC 141

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1/1/12 4:20:51PM
When Brock Lesnar folded to a body kick from Alistair Overeem in the main event of UFC 141 it signaled the end of Brock's career in the UFC. While Brock retired in the cage after the loss, I was hit with several messages from people whose opinions I respect saying that it appeared Brock was just in the cage for a paycheck.

The fact that he didn't shoot for more than one half-hearted takedown attempt against the dangerous Dutch striker had some people questioning if Lesnar truly showed up with a strategy focused on winning. Former WWE roster-mate, Chris Jericho suggested it was something more than simply a less than all-out effort to win.

1/1/12 4:22:22PM
Who knows if he did or not, but I can see why Jericho would think he did. There were a lot of people who thought the same.
1/1/12 4:34:24PM
I think brock could have won the fight. But mentally he already retired.
1/1/12 5:16:50PM
I'm not accusing him of taking a dive. But I'm fairly confident he entered the cage with no interest in winning.
1/1/12 5:33:30PM
I agree with you two above.

He did not take a dive. Mentally he was not in it. He came into this fight knowing if he lost he was going to retire.

Brock had already quit in his mind and you can't fight your best with that in your head. If he would have won, he said he would have fought for the title and if he didn't win there he was going to retire.

So I think it's better that Overeem won.
1/1/12 5:55:30PM
Brock didn't try hard enough for the take down but he didn't throw the fight. Overeem is dangerous in the clinch and Brock had a huge target to throw knees and body shots. Duffee folded the same way so that fight would have had to be thrown also.

Junior should walk through Overeem but maybe Overeem is-at that highest level,- he certainly is not the same fighter from 205 in pride.

even if Brock had planned on retiring after fighting for the title -win or lose it does show not being in it mentally, but I can't understand that he had no interest to win
1/1/12 6:05:45PM
I'd like to see Jericho take a liver kick from Overeem then he can talk.
I don't think Brock 'threw' this fight, it's just as most of you said already he just wasn't in it mentally from the moment the fight started.
1/1/12 6:21:08PM
Regardless of what happened...I request Overeem give Jehrico a liver kick and only 1 punch to the body and then we'll see what he says

I believe Brock tried...he's just not as good as we all thought...but cut him some slack..in teh sport he is still technically a newb and just not very good all around
1/1/12 6:22:33PM
Brock didn't throw the fight. Agree with all above, he just mentally had checked out. Im only pissed because he cost me two picks and wagers over his last two fights. Then again I also won three times picking Brock in the past. I'm still a Lesnar fan and to be honest I probably would still pick him over most heavyweights.
1/1/12 6:52:15PM
I want to see Jerico take one of those knees and see of his opinion changes
1/1/12 6:58:00PM
I know its hard for him to accept the fact that Brock isn't the baddest dude on the planet but I have no doubt in my mind that Brock took this fight serious. His mind just wasn't in the fight. No way he took a dive, his pride wouldn't allow it and his ego sure as hell wouldn't either.
1/1/12 7:05:26PM
Why would he go down with a liver kick of all things to throw a fight? Especially a liver kick that looked completely legit...and painful.
1/1/12 7:20:52PM
Jericho obviously has no clue what a liver kick feels like.
1/1/12 7:23:36PM
Lmao let's see jericho take that body kick and try to stay on his feet.
1/1/12 7:28:25PM
Jericho has no idea what he's talking about for one. And for two, I wouldn't say he took a dive. I would say his mind was made up on retiring before the fight happened and he wouldn't be too ashamed or upset with losing. He seemed nervous to me as well and nerves can be your own worst enemy in that cage. I 100% believe that kick dropped him for real though. It was vicious and liver shots tend to be delayed reactions most of the time.
1/1/12 7:39:23PM
He might just be trying to hype up a WWE fight with Lesnar.
1/1/12 8:26:41PM
Jericho would put Overeem in the Walls of Jericho before he took that shot by Overeem.

1/1/12 9:14:58PM
don't he dived just think mentally wasn't in it, I almost felt like he wanted to fight in a more technical way instead of bull-rushing but overeem is the wrong person to try that with though. also when you have a life threatening intestinal disease those body shots had to hurt more because mental you might be like crap this is gonna hurt my organs too so he might have mentally make it worse.

also overeem has a killer instinct & with that power, ouch.. he has also shown to hurt ppl by body shots too cant wait for JDS/Ubereem gonna be crazy
1/1/12 9:50:46PM
What a load of crap....don't understand the point of the comment, to disrespect Overeem or Brock. Jericho never stepped into an MMA fight and if he did there is no way I would imagine him beaten Carson, Mir, Couture and Herring!!
1/1/12 9:56:50PM

Posted by jae_1833

What a load of crap....don't understand the point of the comment, to disrespect Overeem or Brock. Jericho never stepped into an MMA fight and if he did there is no way I would imagine him beaten Carson, Mir, Couture and Herring!!

Carson??? Bet you meant Carwin lol.
1/2/12 2:06:20PM
I don't think he took a dive at all. He did not look like he was there to fight. Just like Cain vs. Dos Santos. Cain was not there mentally either.
1/2/12 3:37:23PM
I don't think brock took the fight seriously I think he knew that he would not be able to stand w overeem at all and went in there saying i can either take him down or i can't after the first shot was stuffed i think he gave up i also believe brocks sickness has a lot to do with it, his shot just is not as explosive as it was the first couple of times we saw him in the ufc

I can't imagine what dos santos would have done to brock had that fight gone thru
1/3/12 1:51:27AM
i don't think he threw it, but i also don't think he was "in it to win it"
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