WVR Cancels 4/23 Sengoku Event

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2/1/11 7:25:42AM
According to the Japanese website SportsNavi (their version of Yahoo Sports), World Victory Road has announced that the planned SRC 17 event on April 23 has been cancelled. No specific details were announced.


The article is in Japanese, translation:

On the 1st, on April 23rd it planned the world victory load which sponsors comprehensive case competition event “SRC” at the daybreak coliseum, the opening it announced that “of SRC17” the white paper it withdraws with the official sight.

"daybreak coliseum" is Ariake Colisseum in Tokyo.
2/1/11 8:02:45AM
Japanese MMA is really in a sad state
2/1/11 5:18:00PM
Man. Without JMMA I am not sure if I can remain a fan.
2/1/11 6:09:19PM
Maybe if Antonio Inoki tried pushing MMA fighters in MMA instead of his IGF wrestling promotion, things might improve. Surely there are better uses of 200 million yen (around $2 million) than a flashy wrestling title belt for his promotion.
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