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4/18/10 10:07:10PM
Strikeforce dropped the ball on this one. CBS is trying to start up controversy by showing the brawl after cutting away, and then showing the replay.

I'm sure the Gracie family really enjoys having their name associated with these thugs.
4/19/10 1:33:34PM

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by ncordless

When a hockey fight happens, do they cut to commercial? When a batter storms the mound, do they cut to commercial? When Ron Artest goes nuts on Detroit fans, do they cut to commercial?

Then why should they cut to commercial when a fight happens in MMA? It was a stupid thing to happen, but it isn't the end of the world and isn't some horrible damning thing for MMA.

I see your logic, but you're not exactly factoring into the equation the general acceptance level of MMA. Hockey, baseball, basketball, and football are much more generally accepted in public perception. Incidents like this one in those sports are considered isolated incidents whereas in MMA people just can't wait to point the finger and say that is what the sport is all about. Whether it's true or not- you know MMA has its enemies.

Just thought I'd throw that counter point in there even though I'm sure you already know it.

I think you are undervaluing the acceptance of mma. MMA may have enemies, but the major opposition to mma has been broken and scattered, and those voices sound so out-dated. We as mma fans have had to worry about how the sport is portrayed for so long that we freak out when poor sportsmanship creeps into the sport. But those days are done, and now those worries that protected mma in its infancy do nothing except hinder the sport from being thought of as like any other.

The next major hurdle for mma is going to occur when a fighter dies on a major card (something I believe will happen someday), not when a scuffle happens after a fight.

Look at the major media outlets and CBS's statements on the thing, they really don't care. It is only the hardcore mma community.
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