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4/11/07 5:55:44PM
I am probably out of the loop on something here, but I had no idea this ever happened...

I haven't been able to watch the video because I'm at work, but it sounds kinda funny... Or sad... Or however you want to look at it...

Well, here it is, Big Tim on a dating show shown all over the US...

Sorry if this is old news, but I didn't want to lose the website, so I could check it out later at home...

But really Tim, "grasshoppers"?

<hang head in shame>
4/11/07 6:07:51PM
Actually Tim is quite normal. He acts like a very respectable guy who just happens to not drink very much. The girl on the other hand is a ******* crazy alcoholic who is turned off by the fact that he doesn't drink and shows no interest in the fact that he fights in the largest mma organization on the planet. It's very weird actually. I am pretty sure that TIM was quite happy to end the date.
4/11/07 7:12:18PM
This date and the Randy fight are the two times I've ever pitied the man. That girl is a stupid lush and should be shot.
4/11/07 7:21:19PM
This is actually pretty old, but funny none the less... Ricco Rodriguez was on the show too, he didnt do any better lol...
4/11/07 7:39:46PM
When he did Blindate, I actually felt bad for Tim for a half second, then it passed.
4/11/07 7:43:07PM
I saw this a while back. I don't like Tim at all, but I did feel sorry for him in the end.
4/11/07 8:05:15PM
I didn't feel sorry for him at all. I'm glad he didn't get along with that stupid slut. She wasn't worth a damn anyway.

She would probably derail his career worse than Mark Kerrs girl derailed his.
10/21/07 9:24:02AM
Blind Date set him up with the wrong girl. He needs to redeem himself and go on another Blind Date.
10/21/07 10:10:31AM
yeah she really made a fool of herself there. Just plain dumb.
Another thing, has anyone here actually ever had a grasshopper??? DISGUSTING!!!! ''I'm not an alcoholic cause I don't go to the meetings'' mind boggling really.
10/21/07 1:07:48PM
tims an ugly unripped giant, what women dumb or not would be attracted to that ?????? ha ha ha
10/22/07 4:39:37PM
Why does Tim do these things. I understand trying to promote yourself but dancing and dating on television aren't good ways to do it. epecially if your a giant goofy looking Ogre.
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