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5/8/07 1:13:20AM
Just saw on the news that Diego "Chico" Corrales, Sacramento native, and 10th ranked Welterweight boxer in the world, has died in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas that involved 2 cars. Theres a thread on Sherdog, but the local news confirms it. What the hell is with the last couple days?

RIP Chico... hometown boy, what a shame.
5/8/07 1:29:53AM
He's a hometown fighter for me too. It's always sad when someone dies at a young age, RIP Diego Corrales
5/8/07 2:57:51AM
its always a trifecta. soon one more will pass away

5/8/07 7:20:25AM
I made the same thread on this topic on "The Locker Room" since it wasnt MMA related.....who knows who made it first,since i edited it after i made to add a source ... so it dont show the true time i inserted the thread..

this was shocking to me...i had the channel on ESPNEWS while i was using my pc watching on and off...and all i know is watching Breaking News "something about Jazz 1-0"....then the next min i looked over and it read "Boxer Diego Corrales dies in Accident" heart sank immedietly and my joy of winning $40 playing online poker changed into losing last month to Joshua Clotty was heartbreaking enough as a fan...and this is now just painful

for you all who didnt know him,it would be kinda like if Karo Parisyan,or Nick Diaz suddenly died....a kind of fighter who puts it all on the line and a real crowd pleaser
5/8/07 10:29:17AM
This one was the first one on this site, but sherdog had me beat by a few mins..... terrible news.
5/9/07 5:39:51AM
Rest in Peace Diego, my favourite fighter on fightnight, one of the boxers i've always enjoyed to watch and loved his style and attitude.

Gutted to hear such news out of the blue about him. god bless.

I'm going to go beat Ali by KO with Corrales on fightnight to make myself feel a little better about the situation.
5/24/07 11:35:36PM
R.I.P. Chico
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