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2/2/08 1:09:21PM
why is it that team Mixfight has a 62% / 47-29 record $1686 and is in 21st and team Team Sure Shot has a 63% / 241-142 record $1732 and we are in 26th we are better in both section and they are ranked higher then us!!
2/2/08 1:22:27PM
i havent looked but it might me because they have more members than your team does
2/2/08 1:27:50PM
same amount of members (18)
2/2/08 1:37:51PM
the ranking is updated only after each event man, so even if the numbers change between each event, the teams stays at their last updated place untill the next update witch will be after tonight event.

Also, the point average is 1 of the third average who gave you your ranking but you don't see it in the stats.

the numbers of members don't give anything to a team except that it make you moving up in the weightclass.

you were below their team's average after fight night 12 but you have probably added some players and your average have increaced but you can not move up like that between each event , only your stats is updated in real time not your ranking.

2/2/08 2:52:01PM
thank you
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