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2/23/13 2:11:14PM
It didn't take long for Jon Fitch to gain the interest of other mixed martial arts promotions following his release from the UFC earlier this week.

Ali Abdel-Aziz, the vice president and matchmaker for World Series of Fighting, confirms to Bleacher Report that they have begun preliminary discussions to potentially bring Fitch to the up-and-coming promotion in 2013.

While no formal offer has been made, Abdel-Aziz says that they have talked to Fitch's management team since his release and are interested in the services of the former UFC welterweight contender.

2/23/13 2:11:53PM
Of course they are. He would be one of their bigger stars.
2/23/13 2:13:37PM
This would be a great signing for them. I like ray stefo he seams like a cool guy.
2/23/13 3:49:21PM
They would be crazy not to be.
2/23/13 4:03:25PM
hope they pick him up. the more high level competition to the UFC the better
2/23/13 5:42:09PM
as far as im concerned this is the only option left. since bellator wont take him, theres no way hes going to MFC or XFC or any other those smaller shows.
2/23/13 5:53:50PM
Good pick up
Good for Fitch and wsof
2/23/13 6:47:10PM
2/23/13 9:25:48PM
why wouldn't they be? I strongly question the decision making skills of any non-ufc organization that says they're not information. I'm talking about you bellator! Personally I would want him to go to bellator so we can see Askren vs Fitch because that would be a great match up and would really give us an idea of whether or not Askren is in fact in the top ten ww in mma.
2/24/13 1:45:32PM

Posted by george112

hope they pick him up. the more high level competition to the UFC the better

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