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10/24/12 5:16:06PM
Next month's World Series of Fighting debut has a late addition to the main card.

Officials today confirmed veteran kickboxer Tyrone Spong (0-0) will now makes his MMA debut on WSOF 1's NBC Sports Network-televised lineup.

Spong meets fellow light heavyweight Travis Bartlett (7-2) on the card.

10/24/12 5:35:48PM
Great opponent for Spong's debut. The guy has a respectable 7-2 record, all his wins are through striking and he's been out of action for a couple of years. This will look good on his record when he wipes the floor with this guy
10/24/12 6:45:24PM
Spong is a NASTY man, if buddy stand with him he will get murdered. Here's to hoping Spong has good takedown d
10/24/12 6:53:05PM
I hope this event is awesome, Ray Sefo is a legend and a great guy, he deserves to do well and it's great to see him as president of a new org.

War Sefo

And Spong will demolish the comp in WSOF, the UFC will want him soon
10/24/12 7:41:46PM
Another fight added is good
10/24/12 7:47:19PM
i have always thought spong should make a move to MMA. good to see.
10/24/12 10:31:39PM
Don't underestimate Bartlett. He has trained alongside Marcus Davis and Frank Mir. That def. helps.
10/25/12 1:36:21AM
I hope Barllett has dental insurance.
10/25/12 5:28:00AM
and now striking with 4 oz gloves.....

man this is gonna be brutal
10/25/12 9:29:53AM
Like Terror said don't underestimate Bartlett!!! I know Travis from High School as well as training with him at Team Irish in Maine. Travis is deadly with his hands and is a former boxer who trained with Marcus Davis and now trains with Frank Mir. He has also trained with Wanderlei Silva out in Vegas.Travis knocked out Calvin Brock in the amateurs before brock turned pro and was undefeated at heavyweight until he fought one of the Klitskos. The guys is no joke, his only bad loss was when he fought Tom Lawlor who knew of Travis's hands and took him down immediately and subbed him. Travis hasn't fought for a couple years but has been training steady the whole time. Playing JDS for Mir for his fight, and has many fights canceled from infuries, and has trouble getting fights because he's a tough guy!!! This should be an interesting war on the feet of a boxer vs. kickboxer!!!