i made all the wrong pick

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7/8/07 2:42:13AM
i lost like $600
i hit on the small bets and lost every big one
7/8/07 5:17:36AM
You most likely put money down on the underdogs. My belief is that if you don't pick an underdog to win, in your picks, then don't pick an underdog in your wagers. I put all my money into Rashad Evans, because I believed he could, and I think he should've. I know there is more money in betting on underdogs, but unless your willing to lose the money, then you shouldn't. If you put money down on Anderson Silva, or Sean Sherk, then you shouldn't have lost any.

Like, i'm putting all my money down on Couture.. I think he's good enough to beat Gonzaga, and therefore, i'm putting my money down on him. You should try just putting down money on guys you know will win.. You might not make much, but think about how many people are going to bet on underdogs, and lose?

Just my opinion.. I obviously don't have a great track record, because all my money have come from my correct predictions, lol.. I should've won a lot on Rashad..
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