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9/24/07 9:57:28PM
Does anyone have good tips on wrestling to tell me before i start? What should i eat before i go in for training? What do u do in the gym to get ready for wrestling? I have a nice gym about a few blocks away from me, i mean like a workout gym, what kinds of weights do u guys use? What excercises do u guys use?

I want to know so i am prepared when i get there... anyone have any tips?
9/25/07 12:41:12AM
Run distance and run sprints. Start controling what you eat, by that I mean don't come in 40 lbs. over the weight you want to wrestle at. Have an open mind about weight cutting, but don't take it to far.

As far as lifting, any standard lifting program should be fine. You want to have good over all fitness coming in and then you can focus on things like legs for driving power or grip for top control or what ever else during the season. I liked to put some extra work into bicep and back so I could finish a shot after a guy sprawled. Legs are important. Cleans and squat are something my coach stressed. If you just come in in good shape then you'll be ahead of everyone else (depending on where you live).

Something you may concider, A lot of places have open mat where you can just walk in and basicly have a wrestling practice minus conditioning. They will teach you things and you can gain a lot of mat experiance. You can ask the coach of your team if knows of anything like that. You didn't say if you had wrestled before, but it didn't sound like you had.

More running. I would start by running between 2 and 3 miles. If doesn't have to be fast, just get it done. I wouldn't run under 2 miles or over 7 for off season training. Sprints are more important durring the season, but they are not less important in the off season (figure that one out). I like to mix it up with suicides, hills, 100 yard sprints, and stairs.

What to eat before practice? That depends. Eat the same thing that you would eat before running 7 miles fast enough to be exusted afterward. Keep your body fueled, but avoid throwing up or feeling crappy. You have to strike a balance, but its not that hard. I never ate anything for like two hours leading up to practice, but that was not planned.

Now I have a few questions. what is your weight? What weight class do you want to go out for? Have you wrestled before? Do you play any other sports? Are you in good shape or are you a fatty? Don't be ashamed if you are a fatty. It changes a lot of what I said. Not really changes, but shifts focus.
9/25/07 8:34:50AM
Good post above, but I've got a little different opinion on the weightlifting part. A standard weight lifting routine puts on muscle mass that will add to your weight without giving you the functional strength that you need in wrestling. The hypertrophy that comes with most weightlifting routines can also take away from endurance (blood flow needs to increase to muscles) and flexibility.

In addition to the running, I would do only a few sets of power lifting exercises in the gym (cleans, deadlifts, squats, bench) and spend more time doing bodyweight exercises like situps (v-ups or medicine ball work is good), pushups, neck bridges and pullups. Those build more endurance and less mass....you're also going to do a lot of them in wrestling practice so you'll at least be able to do that part without gassing.
10/8/07 8:11:03PM
I agree with the first guy too, but I prefer not using weights for my strength conditiongiing, I prefer tire workouts, push ups, pull ups, gorilla stomps and other things of the sort. I think it gives you more "useable" strength, which is basically useing strength with balance.
10/9/07 2:11:04PM
good luck
10/9/07 8:01:02PM
Thanks for the tips guys, but i need some more, FAST!!! I just found out the wrestling clinic starts in like 2 weeks!!! On October 21st!!!
10/10/07 2:31:50PM
Start doing insane amounts of cardio, if you keep up endurance wise, it will be easier for you to catch on then the guys around you gassing.
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