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POLL: Fisher vs Stout
Wow, what a war 83% (45)
meh, not to bad 17% (9)
Seen a whole lot better 0% (0)
6/13/07 7:27:52PM
Lol no I wasn't saying the US doesn't like forigners I was replying to the statement about the commentators comments. I just think they should be showing a recap of PRIDE highlights on spike. Then the general audience will say wow these guys are good, not whats all the hype about when they lose a fight. Fighters lose fights, i'm just tired of people telling me that theres no chance Mirko will come back and fight well, and they thought he was unbeatable. Every UFC event I watch is at my sisters house, theres ussually like 20 ppl packed in to watch the fights...90% of them didn't know who Henderson was, and when I said they signed shogun no one knew who he was. I just think since there trying to mainstream the sport they should be letting the general fight fans know who all these guys from pride are.
6/13/07 7:59:54PM
anyone know where the video of this fight is online?
6/14/07 8:23:34AM

Posted by xchickox

anyone know where the video of this fight is online?


6/14/07 9:50:22AM
what a battle. man can stout take a punch or wat
6/14/07 11:40:54AM
cheers man

i just watched it, really good fight, spencers left and body kicks are so impressive
6/14/07 2:21:10PM

Posted by thelastking

Posted by Ultimate_fighter

be quite. Take off, eh..

Haha thats great Bob and Doug Mackenzie.

Thats what im about, haha, hosers, eh!
6/14/07 5:42:39PM
Looks like the "WARS" are winng.
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