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9/5/10 1:17:26PM
9/5/10 1:54:29PM
Wow, Hunt looks great. See his working with Monson a BJJ wizard. At least he is gonna take this opportunity seriously.
9/5/10 3:03:58PM
Hunt looks like he's taking this serious, I've never seen him look that in shape. I hope he does well.
9/5/10 10:06:26PM
Man Hunt looks fantastic, I really hope he can use this opportunity to revive his career, I definitely feel he can take out McCorkle.
9/11/10 10:44:16AM
Wow, I wonder what he is weghing in at??? Sure isnt the 270+ we are acutomed to! Good for Mark. I used to love to watch him fight in Pride! He definatly has the skill standing to take out McKorcle(sp), if he comes in shape. And it definatly looks that way to me!!
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