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6/27/10 7:54:00PM
When the fact that Fedor actually lost a fight and is indeed human sinks in, the bigger question is what does this mean for the heavyweight division?

Ive had Fedor at the top of my HW rankings and a stable in my p4p rankings for quite some time now. Does Werdum take his spot at the top of the heap now?

For me personally, no. Fedor will certainly drop in my rankings and werdum will breach the top 5-6, but I cant bring myself to put Werdum at the top after being KTFO by Dos Santos and decisioned by Arlovski (granted, that was a while ago now). Dont get me wrong, this was a great win for Fabricio he has all the right in the world to be stoked, but to me this looks more like Fedor being exposed than Werdums big ascension imo.

Which means, the best heavyweight fighter in the world will be decided next weekend and zuffa, in my eyes, now finally owns the best fighter in every weight division and everyone in my p4p list.

116 just got a bit more exciting.
6/27/10 8:28:52PM
I just think this is one of those situations where a superior fighter made an error and paid for it, as a result I don't think the rankings change very much at all. I've always thought Werdum was around the bottom end of the top 10, and I would still say that. Just off the top of my head I would put him at 6th or so.

Fedor is still top3 at least IMO. I think 3rd minimum. I can see the argument for Carwin/Lesnar being the deciding fight for #1 and #2, but I don't see who else could be ranked ahead of Fedor. I just think this is one of those weird situations like GSP/Serra or the current BJ/Edgar situation (although that's different because it wasn't a clear-cut win) where the better guy lost because he made a mistake, not because his skill level is dramatically declining or because a new up and comer outclassed him.

I don't know about you guys, but when Serra was holding the belt I still had GSP ranked #1. I think this is a similar situation, except there are a couple of guys in the UFC who have the potential to pose real trouble for Fedor, so #3 is totally justifiable. Any lower I don't really think is, this IS the first real loss of his entire career.
6/27/10 10:21:47PM
Isnt this exactly what we expect to happen in MMA. Fedor was looking good and seemed to be going about his gameplan that he always has. Werdum being aware capitalized on the mistake. This is why i watch because this is what i dont get in boxing. Fedor is the better fighter and will most likely be the best HW ever, but yesterday he made a mistake and paid for it. Why i love MMA was demonstrated yesterday better than it ever has. Werdum will get a bump and im better Fedor will do what GSP did and start another streak.
6/27/10 10:28:58PM
I do not believe what my eyes just saw. I refuse? to believe this. What happened to Fedor is exactly what happened to Roy Jones. Age finally caught up with him. Wow. I am speechless.
6/27/10 10:39:38PM
I will keep Fedor as my #1 for the time being, but he will be replaced by the winner of the Lesnar/Carwin match.
6/27/10 10:48:37PM
Fedor remains my number 1. Yes he lost. But in the rematch do I think he will lose again. No way. I think he can beat both Lesnar and Carwin. As for Werdum he probably goes to 9 or 10 for jumping on Fedor's mistake.
6/28/10 4:44:39AM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

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Posted by Aether

I'm kind of glad honestly. I don't feel like he was beat in the sense that he was outskilled, I think he made a mistake and a game opponent capitalized on it. Fedor probably thought Werdum was hurt more badly than he was and that he could just finish him with some hammer fists.

The reason I'm glad is I still think Fedor is clearly a top fighter, and that there's a possibility that this could get him into the UFC. His pricetag has dropped quite a bit. I can still dream.

about sums it up for me. I would still expect Fedor to beat Lesnar, Carwin and Velazquez the majority of the time, but he lost cleanly. I think he thought Werdum was more rocked than he was, pounced wildly, and Werdum was a more aware than he expected. Considering how long he stayed in Nogs gurad, pounding him while slipping sub attempt after sub attempt, I guess he thought he could do the same here maybe. Werdum is a 2 time abu-dhabi HVYweight champ though ,and I think most believe him clearly better than Nog off his back. Here's to hoping M-1 sees they have lost leverage and come to a deal with the UFC. No offense to Werdum.but seeing him back in the UFC doesn't excite me. Any of the 3 against Fedor would be a dream match for me though. So while I think it only fair to drop Fedor from #1 to # 4 on my rankings I still believe he's the best , but I can't know unless he beats the other guys I now feel it logical to rank ahead of him. Props to Werdum for being a skilled cool headed pro and capitalizing.

I dropped him to four as well.

I think he should still be top 3.

Gimme all ya got Blue Skies!!!
6/28/10 4:57:52AM
I still have Fedor at #1 - with Werdum jumping from 10 to 6. Right ahead of Overeem at 7.

If Brock Lesnar Dominates Carwin, then that might be a strong enough case to drop Fedor, but right now i dont think anyone has the right credentials and shown skill level to dethrone fedor from #1 even with the loss.
6/29/10 12:14:55AM
What a dick Fedor is...
why the fu*k did he go down for? Keep the fight on the feet. You know the guy is a BJJ beast. Damn, Im pissed.
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