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7/6/12 7:21:56PM

Jay showed me this video, I have to share this, its amazing.
7/6/12 8:16:50PM
Nice kick, but against less than stellar opposition. I like the hands all over the show style- almost a cross between Anderson Silva and the Diaz brothers.
7/6/12 11:17:14PM
Jay posted this a few months ago but very impressive nonetheless. It looks like he's had another fight since that one and he won by armbar in under 2 minutes. He needs to clean up the sloppiness but he could be a future star.
7/7/12 4:22:59AM
He's 2 and 0 at the minute. Be interesting to see how he does.
7/7/12 10:00:40AM
Haha Ray your so behind you may as well watch UFC 138 tonight instead of 48

LINK to the old thread
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