Which is the worst technique you've been caught with??

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8/2/07 11:24:27AM
What is the most painfull technique you've been caught in?

for me
The twister


heel hook
8/2/07 11:25:17AM
entering threads youve made....my ears bleed a little every time

seriously though:ball and chain in wrestling practice about 16 years ago, my coach demonstrated it on me and racked my jewels
8/2/07 11:28:02AM
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8/2/07 11:39:00AM
I was on my back and a guy caught me in a DOUBLE standing heelhook
8/2/07 11:46:22AM
I was on my back and a guy caught me in a DOUBLE standing heelhook

8/2/07 11:56:52AM
Haha we were training and I was rolling with one of my instructors. He pulls weird submissions out of his ass all the time.
8/2/07 12:17:13PM
Well i have an instructor that comes up with this weird stuff and he's always getting out of sick tight submissions. I remember there was a time when one of the other instructors had his back. And I mean Body triangle with the leg hooked in and one arm across the face. The guy was on his knees facing down he starting raising his upper body and simply started making this small hops. After A couple of hops the guy on his back had lost the position, felt to the ground and ended up eating an elbow from the side mount.

The thing is that a move as simple as that got him out of one of the most devastating techniques in mma.
8/2/07 12:48:23PM
when a crazy noob weighing about 50kgs more than decided to just crank my neck as hard as he could eliminating me from training for a month. I thought he was about to break it. ******* idiot.

8/2/07 1:14:15PM
I had a guy on my back, so i tried to hook & slide out the back door. As I did my mouth gaurd fell out(Iwas pretty gassed), and he went for a RNC. B/c I was tryin to backdoor, he sunk his hooks reel high, and didn't get under my chin. Well I was fightin it, and he was just crankin on my jaw. He cranked until I actually broke two teeth. THis lasted for 30 seconds they tell me. Felt like hours, went to my corner swallowin pieces of moler.
8/2/07 1:29:32PM
speaking on behalf of a guy i once fought i cought him in the crucifix position exactly what matt hughes did to carlos newton, ironic because carlos tought me judo when i was younger. anyway yeah i had the guy in the cruicifx he could not move and i was throwing devastating hammer fists knocked him out cold
8/3/07 1:11:51AM
My two would have to be an Indian burn and the dreaded titty twister
8/3/07 1:16:00AM
I rolled with an Olympic Greco Roman qualifier at my Judo club a couple of months ago. He dropped me on my neck, it made alot of pops and cracks... I didn't move for about 10 seconds. Scariest 10 seconds of my life...
8/3/07 1:41:33AM

Posted by richieb19

I rolled with an Olympic Greco Roman qualifier at my Judo club a couple of months ago. He dropped me on my neck, it made alot of pops and cracks... I didn't move for about 10 seconds. Scariest 10 seconds of my life...

I was workin on Greco one time(he was 190ish I was 137).... I went to toss the guy and my foot slipped. Dropped him right on my head. They say I walked to the edge of the matt mubeling. All I remember is the doctor telling me it was a concusion.
8/3/07 1:55:21AM
I was in the wrestling room and kind of loafing one day. Our coach(ranked no.5 Greco in U.S. in his time) stops practice and asks the team if they want to see the first 5 point takedown he ever pulled in competition.
He chose me as the dummy (he weighed about 230 to my 150) and proceeds to grab my neck without an arm and hip-toss me directly over his hip. I was out for the next three meets. And I never loafed again.
8/3/07 2:26:08AM
well i have two experiences one on me and one on anouther person. The technique thrown on me was a hip toss by a brown belt at my club during sparring usually i can avoid them, but for some reason not tonight he picks me up and boom, slams me head first into the ground whats worse was that my knee came at mock speed and slammed into my face i was lucky i didn't get knocked out(but i still managed to get guard and hold onto dear life while my head stopped spining) .

as for the worst thrown onto anouther person well a new guy just got promoted so we do a hip toss to welcome him to with his recent achievement so when it was my turn i threw him as hard as i could and while he was mid air i leaped up and drove all my weight into his chest (I weight 215 pounds he weighs 150)
he was out of breath for so long and could barely get up it was hilarious so now, no new students want to get promoted
8/3/07 9:19:09AM
True story, a piledriver. When I was 12 Me and my friends were big WWF fans and we used you have impromptu matches in my room all the time. One time I shot in to go for a body slam and instead a buddy used my momentum , flipped me, and fell back into a piledriver on me. Now remember we didn't know wrestling was " entertainment" at the time. He actually fell back and landed on my head with his weight on top of me. The " ref" (another buddy) actually counted me out because I was unconscious. When I woke up I couldn't feel anything, or move, and my 3 buddies were all talking about the awesome piledriver. When they saw me awake they were rubbing it in for a couple of seconds till they realized I was crying, and that I telling them I couldn't feel anything. They refused to go tell my mom, over my protest, and instead resorted to throwing water in my face, moving my legs around, and even lightly smacking me in the face . After about a minute I got feeling back , but I was still tingly. I dragged myself upstairs and my irate mom yelled at me and made my friends go home. I don't know for sure , because I didn't go to the doctor, but I think I bruised my spinal cord. I know I had a concussion, since I'\'ve had 3 others since and no how it feels. Anyway , I got tingle sin my legs on and off for about a week. Out of all the injury's I've had in a lot of sports and fights, that was the scariest.
8/4/07 12:13:33AM
thats some scary shit
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