What is your worst pick?

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1/14/09 2:45:00PM
either by mistake, or not having enough info, or just the opposite of what happened.

mine is tim over fedor i swear i did it by accident. i couldnt even believe it when i saw it the next day.

proof is i picked it by sub in the second......who can tim submit!?!? not fedor.

i picked everyone else correctly that night, and couldnt believe i f*cked up the biggest (and easiest imo) pick of the night

ever pick someone by mistake, or just get it WRONG?
1/14/09 2:53:07PM
looking back at past picks...I'm not sure why...but I picked

Jensen over Leites

that was probably my worst.....
1/14/09 3:47:59PM
The entire Sengoku 7 card I got 7 points overall(I knew Gomi would lose).

Probably Jensen over Maia
1/14/09 3:48:43PM
Nakamura over Machida at UFC 76
Ed Herman over Maia at UFC 83

1/14/09 4:00:53PM
Mine wis Timmy over Fedor. I really thought he would use his range and win by decision.

How wrong was I!
1/14/09 4:08:16PM
Neer vs Diaz card, granted that was because I was experimenting with underdogs not really because I thought any of them they would win (thought I seriously thought Vedepo would beat Sakara)

A single pick that I thought about would be for secondary league picking against Gina twice

For major league, without any underdog temptations into account anything involving me not picking against Cane (stupid Lambert and Soko)
1/14/09 5:00:44PM
UFC 92 = Wet Blanket

no more needs to be said
1/14/09 5:14:39PM
ask Pookie...Joe Daddy over BJ Penn
1/14/09 5:15:19PM
Stevenson over Penn. I still think if Joe didnt get that huge cut the fight would of played out differently, but looking back it was just a bad pick.
1/14/09 6:08:59PM
Jensen over Maia or Goulet Over Hazelett

Both because Maia and Hazelett were fresh faces to me at the time!!!! But they are both top contenders in their own right now.
1/14/09 6:12:53PM
Kalib Starnes v. Quarry


Nakamura v. Machida
1/14/09 6:52:13PM
mine was proly the whole ufc 92 card.
but id say it would have to be when i picked randy over brock, or heath against brock
1/14/09 7:12:33PM
Stevenson over Penn
1/14/09 8:52:28PM
salavary over paul harris

herman over maia
1/14/09 8:56:05PM
I chose Hamill over Franklin. Also Jardine over Wandy by decision. So, flip a coin.
1/14/09 9:56:23PM
irvin over a.silva - still not sure what i was thinking...i thought irvin could maybe land that one big shot. nope.
1/15/09 7:27:37PM

Posted by seanfu

I chose Hamill over Franklin. Also Jardine over Wandy by decision. So, flip a coin.

Hamill over Franklin, I was a believer and now
1/15/09 7:37:24PM
Took me a while to find the best one, but Houston Alexander over Thiago Silva rd 1 KO

My next would have to be Sokodjou over Machida rd 2 KO. LOL @ me thinking Soko has a chance vs. anybody past the 1st rd
1/15/09 7:44:57PM
Hironaka over Thiago Alves
1/15/09 9:29:06PM
hamill over franklin

tito over machida

1/16/09 12:54:09AM
Well I took tim over fedor (and it wasnt an accident).
I also took Chuck over Rashad (even though I knew he wouldnt win, I just have a hard time takin chuck to lose even if i know he will)
1/17/09 10:02:46AM
probably having randy for 3 months to beat gabe then picking gabe the day of the fight to beat randy

worst fighters to bet on last 2 years win or lose picking them
the losers are

forrest griffin 0-3 and all three of those fights i saw live as well for the nice knife twisting inside me

rashad 1-2-1 for him i always pick against him

rampage i am 0-3 picking him to win or lose

houston alexander 1-3

best bets

bisping 5-0 never lost betting on him

tyson griffin 3-1

silva 5-0 with the spider

gsp 4-0

rich franklin 3-0

huerta 5-0

florian 5-0
maia 4-0

to name a few
1/25/09 1:54:33AM
I picked Fitch over GSP. I was, and currently am a huge Fitch fan.
Serra vs GSP 2 I picked Serra
Jardine vs Silva I picked the dean
1/25/09 8:54:48PM
Jorge Gurgel hates me everytime I pick him he loses and every time I pick against him he wins

Bisping was always my golden boy but Leben made me pick against him now I regret it
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