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7/31/07 10:24:40PM
Hands down, the worst movie ever created is....


Honorable Mentions:

- When A Stranger Calls remake (THE singer worst horror movie I have EVER seen! I think it was PG-13 too, who the hell makes a horror movie PG-13?!)

- Live Free or Die Hard (I was so disappointed in this film, I can't believe it actually got good reviews.)

- Baby Geniuses (An outright disturbing movie where little kids talk about sex. Very disturbing.)

8/1/07 9:56:33AM
OK guys, I read all of the posts here and for sure those are almost all really bad movies BUT... if you want to see... HANDS DOWN... the WORST movie _EVER CREATED_ go rent Gus Van Sant's: Last Days

I ******* WIN.

It's supposed to be about kurt cobain's last few days alive, and it basically consists of him walking around in a dress eating bowls of serial and playing with a shotgun. I think this is the only movie I ever turned off without waiting to see how it ends, because even the most terrible movie generally makes me at least wonder what happens at the end. DID NOT CARE. Hopefully he died.

Honourable mention also goes to Brokeback Mountain. I'm not at all homophobic, and I didn't have any pre-conceived notions going into the movie. I fell asleep part of the way through.
8/1/07 11:58:50AM
man but thats van sant for ya i personally liked it if u did not like that dont see elephant
8/1/07 4:05:25PM

Posted by hippysmacker

Alone in the dark is hands down the worst movie I ever even attempted to see.

Try watching House of the Dead.
8/1/07 5:03:49PM
the first Final Fantasy movie deserves a mention.
8/1/07 5:12:32PM

Posted by seanzombie

Date Movie
Going Overboard
When A Stranger Calls
Spider-Man 3
X-Men 3
You Got Served!
Every Police Academy Movie
House Of The Dead
UFC 40,61.
The Ring
The Grudge
In fact most modern horror movies
The Nutty Professor
The Hills Have Eyes 2
Dead Silence
The Screech Porn

Damn you are one picky bastard .. I used to love the police academy movies when I was a kid. Both the ring and the grudge scared the crap out of me and UFC 40 wasn't that bad. The total destruction of Ken Shamrock made it almost epic.
8/1/07 11:16:02PM
Mr. Holland's Opus (In-flight movie)
Message in a bottle (another in-flight movie).

I never paid the $5 to watch another in-flight movie. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.
8/2/07 7:17:33PM
Captivity with Elissa Cuthbert is probably in the top 3 worst movies ever.
8/2/07 9:33:09PM

Posted by Cary_Stayner

The Wicker Man with Cage was horrible..

hahah I forgot about that movie until you said that but yeah that movie is really terrible
8/9/07 11:33:00AM
Solaris with George Clooney (in Filght movie both ways i was pissed)

The Simpsons Movie i thought it sucked
8/9/07 1:22:56PM
land of the Dead, I think it was called was absolutely horrible... And I really like B-grade zombie movies
8/9/07 2:14:13PM
Dead Silence......
8/9/07 5:46:05PM
The Blair Witch Project was the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen.
8/11/07 10:18:50PM
Dude where's my car?
Beerfest - a total shame for the drinking class
8/13/07 7:46:00PM
Pinata: Survival Island. AKA Demon Island

Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside...a pinata.

I win. I may be the only person who has seen this, but it's my number one worst movei of all time. Jamie Pressly doesn't even get naked which is the only reason I forked over 99 cents for it.


Army of Darkness is up there too. Also Rocky V
10/27/07 9:18:59PM
High Fidelity....
10/27/07 9:36:49PM

Posted by warglory

- Live Free or Die Hard (I was so disappointed in this film, I can't believe it actually got good reviews.)

I'm a die hard freak, but I loved it, thought it was better then die hard 3 and I loved die hard 3. For me it has to be those Friday movies.
10/27/07 11:32:34PM
worst movies - hostel1/2,blair witch project

best movie- 300
11/4/07 9:47:18AM
good call on donnie darko, that movie put me to sleep, and it was stupid as hell.

and i sure cant say i enjoyed either of the "when a stranger calls" movies
11/4/07 9:50:54AM

Army of Darkness is up there too. Also Rocky V

Dude how ther hell can you hate on Army of Darkness? I think its about time that you hailed to the king.

And the king is Bruce Campbell, obviously
12/10/07 6:32:49PM

Posted by DNor

High Fidelity....

I personally thought it was great.
12/12/07 8:43:30PM
The Pirates of The Carribean Trilogy.
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