Worst movies you've ever seen.

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2/18/07 4:52:07AM

Posted by tamarslay3


I was afraid of that.
2/20/07 9:06:52PM
Death to Smoochy, worst movie ever...
2/21/07 1:21:16AM
BioDome is the best dumb movie......
2/21/07 10:17:46AM
Butterfly Effect 2 really sucks ass... totally ruins the first movie which I really enjoyed.
2/21/07 11:07:44AM

Posted by Stickan

Butterfly Effect 2 really sucks ass... totally ruins the first movie which I really enjoyed.

I didnt even know they made a Butterfly Effect 2. The first movie was a surprise because it was ok... I cant believe they made a sequel to that!
2/26/07 4:33:34PM
Murder by numbers

Lady in the water
2/26/07 9:52:38PM
Off the top of my head I gotta go with The Grudge and The Village. For an indy film I gotta go with The Blair Witch Project.
2/26/07 9:57:30PM
would like to add pirates : dead mans chest
2/27/07 2:22:32AM
Exorcist 2 (1 was the shit and 3 was decent)
2/27/07 1:24:26PM
United 93 was one of the worst ive ever seen, i dont care WHAT its about.
2/27/07 1:25:57PM
BTW Biodome is the worst movie ever made.
3/2/07 8:39:26PM
Just watched half of Chaos and it's right up there among the worst movies ever that's for sure. Can't believe I wasted my time on that shit.
7/16/07 1:13:14PM
Dawn of the dead-That movie is so cheesy I hate that movie.
7/16/07 1:32:08PM
had to be Dave Chapelle block party what a waste..
7/16/07 4:52:57PM
i think were all forgetting a little dandy by the name of monkeybone

what a PoS
7/16/07 9:58:19PM
I spit on your Grave........yeah what a really messed up movie...you wont sleep for days after watching it..

I always disliked Parenthood...im not a big steve martin fan at all..

and i never really liked any Martin short movies

Trailer Park Massacre is a really awful movie

Cabin Fever was pretty shitty to.
7/16/07 10:32:28PM
Flyboys,the graphics are so terrible and epic movie it was just stupid and napolean dynamite
7/17/07 10:14:37AM

Posted by masodd

Flyboys,the graphics are so terrible and epic movie it was just stupid and napolean dynamite

Man what is wrong with you Flyboys rocks Epic movie sucked Noplean Dynamite rocked.
7/17/07 11:13:37AM
Mad Max. Utterly abysmal.
7/18/07 1:07:29AM
yeah i remember monkeybone worst movie ever i would also like to add xXx: state of the union, come on was there even a point to this movie
7/18/07 1:20:19AM
battlefield earth
7/18/07 1:25:03AM
Da Vinci Code
Seriously watched this with my girlfriend it took like 8 hours and throughout the whole thing i was thinking ok now its over......what the hell????...Ok now its over....OMG what did i do to deserve this!!!!!!!!
7/18/07 2:22:46AM
the terminal, christmas with the cranks, Menace II society
and the worst movie of the year is.......spiderman 3. first two were pretty good and then 3 came and ruined the whole series. That was 2 1/2 hours of pain. It had one good fight scene at the end, but how long can you watch little peter parker go emo and dance around being pissy.
7/18/07 7:32:18AM

it is the only movie i got up before it was over and left
7/18/07 8:19:22AM
Stomp the Yard and every Scary Movie
7/18/07 4:44:57PM

Posted by KodytheButcher

battlefield earth

UGHHH i remember that one i think i feel asleep after 15 minutes after it started, another bad one was water world
7/18/07 5:24:15PM
You got Served....need i say more
7/29/07 11:17:02PM
Oceans 13....maybe its because i didnt see the other movies but i understood a little bit of the story line..like the very clever way they used to rob the other old mens casino...ok the old men are one thing robbing each other..people dont wanna see 60 year olds stealing and threatening each other...and some parts showed like 5 screens at once im only one man i cant watch 5 -6 screens at once...thats just me i dunno any more thoughts on that movie but i thought it was horrible and i walked out as fast as i could at the end
7/29/07 11:29:33PM
Slow Burn the 2000 movie. painfull
Slow Burn IMDB
7/30/07 1:48:25AM
Date Movie
Going Overboard
When A Stranger Calls
Spider-Man 3
X-Men 3
You Got Served!
Every Police Academy Movie
House Of The Dead
UFC 40,61.
The Ring
The Grudge
In fact most modern horror movies
The Nutty Professor
The Hills Have Eyes 2
Dead Silence
The Screech Porn

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