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6/19/08 2:29:39PM
So the guys from CagePotato decided to do a
heads up bet against the guys from FightLinker on making picks for UFC 85. The loser....had to drink Ipecac . (induces vomiting.)

CagePotato lost....miserably.

And this is the result...here.

So, whats the worst bet you have taken? Can anyone trump "loser has to puke"?
6/19/08 2:39:19PM
I have to wait tell I get home to watch this cuz I cant watch vids at work.
6/19/08 3:08:58PM
6/19/08 4:22:53PM
Ipecac, Classic.............i drank Ipecac before lol, it sucks, and the effects to wear off until long after taken, i drank it around 7 pm, and last time i threw up was around 10

suggest watching this one, one of the funniest i've seen on the net LINK
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