Worst injury you've had from training/competing?

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3/21/08 3:43:09PM
I haven't been training this week mainly because i had a boxing match last thursday an i tore a ligament in my arm an my hands were swollen. This got me thinking though!

What's the worst injury you've had from training or competing?

Myself i'v had: -
2 Broken ribs (by far the most painful)
Broken knuckles
Broken bones in my hand
Torn Achilles tendon (from swimming)
Broken nose
and a cracked choler bone from tripping over a bench in the gym!

Props to the worst injury!

(I won though 6th round KO from one hell of a left hook if i say so myself!)
3/21/08 4:00:00PM
I ate shit doing hurdles my junior year and completely skinned my entire underarm, forearm, rib cage, hip, and side of my face...and there were little rocks and pieces of track in me for a pretty long time...it sucked.

I have broke my right hand twice...once playing football (backyard) and once in basketball...and I have broken a few knuckles once hitting the heavy bag (recently)...and other things not meant to be hit..

the worst was either the track one..or when I was younger I took a metal baseball abt straight to the face, broke my nose and split my eyebrow pretty good.

3/21/08 5:14:57PM
I broke both bones in my wrist once,thats the worst injury ive had so far.
3/21/08 7:47:43PM
I havnt had any long term injuries, I've had my knees seize up when they were clattered together in judo once, the day after that I couldnt walk or even crawl, they were so painfully bruised they were practically stuck shut.

I took an axe kick on the knee a few weeks ago from my brother during Muay Thai training, took it when we were just messing on before the guided warm up, after we did our own warm up, and I couldnt really put any weight on that leg for the rest of the night!
3/21/08 8:00:53PM
Not sure if you just meant combat sports, but i thought id post my story anyways.

I had my tibia and fibula fractured playing football/soccer when i was 13. I almost passed out from the pain it was so bad. I didnt play again till i was almost 16, even once my leg healed i was kinda scared to play. Apparently the kid who did it was in tears when he saw the break and he visited me in hospital a few times, but he still ended up getting banned from playing in the local leagues till he was 18. I was lucky, it only took me like 6 months to recover, but my physio said hed seen guys with similar breaks take up to 18 months to heal fully.
3/21/08 8:40:57PM
I hurt my wrist punching somebody.
3/22/08 10:53:12AM
Popped my knee twice, once from grappling and one from throwing a high kick.
3/23/08 12:46:10PM
I put a hairline fracture in my shinbone in the first five seconds of my very first NHB fight. I knew the guy I was fighting was primarily a boxer, so I figured I'd work a series of leg kicks to take away his mobility, and then I could work my own hands or shoot for a takedown. So, I come out and throw a mean legkick and he checks it like nothing. My leg felt funny when I put it back down and I almost couldn't walk on it, so I shot for a slow ass double and eventually tapped him with a hawaiian choke. A few hours later, I'm sitting down eating a kitkat and I look at my leg, and am startled to see I have two calf muscles now. Then I realize its just my shin is so swollen it just looks like a calf muscle.

Turns out he'd been training MT six days a week for six weeks prior to the fight, and while he didn't have much in the way of offense, he did know how to block a leg kick.
3/23/08 5:39:45PM
Oh boy where to start

Broken nose
3 Shoulder separations (2 left, 1 right)
Sprained AC ligament in shoulder
Sprained MCL (elbow)
jammed right index finger
jammed right big toe
sprained ankle
knee injury - patella (can't remember specifics, but it was bad)
stitches in foot to close a gash
back spasm (couldn't move for 2 days)
bruised bone in right foot
slight tear in my left hamstring
tear in my right rhomboid
vascular hematoma in my eye
undiagnosed sternum injury
displaced vertebra (not serious)
patellar tendinitis
IT band syndrome

that's all I can think of right now.
3/23/08 7:11:25PM
I dont have any injurys dure to mma, but have had a few in other sports.

Broken wrist, tibia(football)
Dislocated elbow (semifinals armwrestling comp) this was by far the most painful. had to ride to the hospital with my arm going about 75 dgress sidways...fucing sucked
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