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5/3/08 12:41:19PM
got 5 on dream 1 and cage rage 26 ithink it was 26 but i win man 5 points but dream 1 doesnt really count cuz i only picked 1 fight but cage rage 5 points
5/4/08 12:31:14AM

Posted by CJB

19 on UFC 79.

That's the only bad score i have really. [/QUOTE/

I'm not sure about that if your ranked in the 3000's
5/8/08 9:24:29AM
UFC 76: Knockout;25 points.
5/9/08 3:43:04PM
5/11/08 11:18:56AM
i haven't gotten nearly as bad as you guys!!!!!!!
but lets see here
call me a nerd but i have a folder stacked with everythings from fight companions to printed out picks results from each event
cards for each event, to my top 10 in each weight class updated every month,
points, money, ranking at each event
worst ever i did was 34 points at ufc 74 respect and ufc 76 knockout out
but with the tie i would have to say knockout since i was there to endure that grueling situation in my seat watching as fight after fight i lost
5/12/08 10:28:56PM
mine was in the secondary league I got 7 big bad points
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