Worst entrance ever, from Cage Rage 22 this weekend

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7/15/07 1:34:16PM
Tom "Kong" Watson... anyone else see that? ROFL beyond horrible...

You can (at the time of this posting) still watch the whole event online for free at http://www.proelite.com/live/10. I'd start it then go mow the lawn and do some laundry, as the first hour or so is them testing their setup and showing non-fight rediculous crap until they show the fights....
7/15/07 6:02:28PM
for some odd reason im not being able to watch it...got a description of the entrance?
7/15/07 6:37:41PM
I can't watch it either, so I just watched the best fights on Daily motion.

My god, James Thompson got KTFO, hard!

Mario Sperry looked great too
7/18/07 11:12:41AM
The video didn't work for me, but I've seen the spectacle before. A 3 man Gracie train him wearing a gorilla mask while "Superstitious" by Stevie Wonder plays, right?
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