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5/26/09 1:42:42AM
Soo, I was hittin the punching bag around in my shed, and I decided to go in for a Muay Thai kick....sooooo I just got to thinkin "imma kick the FUCKK outta this bag" so i kicked and tried to pivot my foot really fast to get more power. Unfortunately my concrete shed floor was covered with sand...which quickly came out from underneath my foot, causing me to miss the bag completely and spin full force into the concrete :D.......I think I did a three sixty :D and landed on my face and ass ..... I might of had a concussion cuz I could barely walk, and everything was dizzy, and I wanted to throw up.

So after calling out of work... my girlyfrand convinced me to go to the E.R. because of the concussion. After wasting about 2 hours waiting, they finally decide to do a "prostate exam".......

It was the most horrible experience of my life hahaha, for men 40 and over, I bow down to you...prostate exams SUCK BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only was it a woman with extremely long fingers, but she also had extremely long nails

So this is a minor setback in my training...but i shall be back up and kickin' in about a week.

I shall overcome!!!! :D
5/26/09 1:45:51AM
kick less hard imo lol good luck hope you feel better soon
5/26/09 1:50:04AM
Thanks man, I usually don't give it all I got on a bag...but today I was just like..."Lets see how much power I can generate by pivoting really fast" and this is what happened

5/26/09 1:50:44AM
"oh, you're dizzy ? hmmm, pull down your pants and bend over."

I'd switch doctors. In fact I switched dentists when my old one had me do that.
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