Worst UFC Card ever? Opinions?

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3/22/11 9:13:48PM
I say that UFC 122 is one of the worst cards ever. Really boring too.

Any Others?
3/22/11 9:30:10PM
I have a few in mind. I didn't think 122 was that bad. It wasn't a good card by any means but I've seen much worse. 119 was pretty bad, 61 was awful and 33 was just terrible (3 title fights, all lackluster decisions? not to mention the other 2 featured bouts also went to decision... It has awful card written all over it)

Gotta go with UFC 33 as the worst though
3/22/11 9:38:15PM
122 and 119 were both pretty bad (recently)
3/22/11 11:01:04PM
I was going to say UFC 73 Stacked but actually that wasnt too bad.
3/23/11 3:43:33AM
I like the old school answer, UFC 33 was a terrible event. Main event should have been Ortiz v Belfort, instead it was Ortiz v Matyushenko, it was a snooze fest. ( The whole event).
3/23/11 3:45:19AM
If were gonna go old school UFC 9 was awful as well, the infamous fight between Shamrock and Severn were they didnt make any contact for 25 mins. It was shocking.
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