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4/18/08 11:04:31PM
On the eve of St. Piere/Serra Two, it has been revealed that Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics will be taking place. Not only that, but it will be cannon in both worlds. In terms of video games this will indeed be MK8, and will be cannon. In Terms of comic books, this will be DC's Summer/Fall Event...

In the words of Comic Book Guy.
4/18/08 11:54:04PM
So far only Sub-Zero and Scorpion for MK, and Batman and Superman for DC have been announced. No fatalities because DC people didnt want to see their characters being torn to pieces.

Could be good, but without the fatalities its not Mortal Kombat
4/19/08 4:09:59AM
Super weak
4/19/08 7:51:11AM
They FAIL as they never do...
4/20/08 10:34:04PM
Actualy I like this idea.Over on the KMC forums we make casual talk about these type of things.Though I think their should be more added into the mix.Lets add Akuma and Ryu into the mix as well. A Street Fighter VS MK crossover is long overdue.
4/24/08 3:59:44PM
Funny how any other combination of MK, SF, DC, or Marvel would make a good game.

Marvel vs. SF (already happened...kind of...SF fits in w/ a cartoony version of Marvel)
Marvel vs. DC (the game every comic fan wants)
Marvel vs. MK (Marvel's dark and gritty environment fits in well with Mortal Kombat)
MK vs. SF (the game every gamer would kill their grandmothers to play)
DC vs. SF (The lighthearted style of DC fits in well with SF toony environment)

Then you have:
MK vs. DC (Horrible concept, DC does not fit in w/ MK's dark and twisted reality based environment)

4/24/08 11:59:28PM

Posted by flainthefacerh

but without the fatalities

4/25/08 11:44:52AM
After seeing the dreadful "Kreate a fatality" system used in MK Armageddon, I thought they'd go back to the old system everyone loves, where everyone has their own signature fatalities, apparently not.

This game is gonna be absolutely diabolical.
4/25/08 1:12:31PM
On a happier note i'v just got Street Fighter 2 on my phone so the world is good!
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