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6/8/08 4:20:20AM
Just hooked up the Winamp and I'm set to do the Play by Play, The 1st Fight is Fabio Silva vs Takahashi

Fabio Silva Wins via 2nd Round T(KO)
Rodrigo Damm Wins via 2nd Round T(KO) - This Looked to me as a Premature Stoppage
Marcio Cruz Wins via 1st Round Submission
Senae Kikuta Winsvia 1st Round Submission
6/8/08 4:31:15AM
Pretty Good Event so Far
6/8/08 5:07:36AM
I picked the R. Damm Fight great......

And forgot to put in a pick for the other
6/8/08 5:20:59AM
can i see it on tvu
6/8/08 5:24:36AM
If you can I'm mad cuz i couldn't even find the MMA Channel
6/8/08 5:27:45AM
Why I didnt put Damm in my parlay is beyond me
6/8/08 5:33:01AM
i know i did . that kid is a wrecking crew. and i bet almost half of my money on him. as long as i get the rest of my bets i should do very well
6/8/08 5:35:00AM
Marcio Cruz by rear naked 1st round

2-2 14points
6/8/08 6:01:53AM
3 and 1 all right
6/8/08 7:23:53AM
sucks that this isnt on mma tv. Im 3-1 so far to, time for the curse of the hot bout to kick in though. Im ok at picking them in the primary league, but i straight up suck in the secondary, i cant remember the last time i got one right.
6/8/08 7:53:56AM
Can't believe i missed this event and forgot to do my picks.

I thought it was on next week.......
6/8/08 8:25:10AM
Anybody got any new updates?
6/8/08 9:26:49AM

Posted by Aaronno9

Anybody got any new updates?

1 Fabio Silva def Yoshiki Takahashi KO (Knee) 2 0:24
2 Rodrigo Damm def Jorge Masvidal TKO (Punch) 2 4:38
3 Marcio Cruz def Mu Bae Choi Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 4:37
4 Sanae Kikuta def Chris Rice Submission (Armbar) 2 3:54
5 Nick Thompson def Michael Costa Submission (Kimura) 2 4:13
6 Kazuo Misaki def Logan Clark Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
7 Travis Wiuff def Kazuyuki Fujita KO (Punches) 1 1:24
8 Hidehiko Yoshida def Maurice Smith Submission (Neck Crank) 1 2:23
6/8/08 10:10:32AM
Yup, missed the hot pick. Again.

Still went 6 and 2 though so i guess its not to bad.
6/8/08 10:22:25AM
I went 7-1 and called several of the bouts (Yoshidas, Misakis, Silvas, etc) perfectly so it'll be interesting to see how I do.
6/8/08 11:46:48AM
What time does this thing start?
6/8/08 12:04:56PM

Posted by The_Italian_Stallion

What time does this thing start?

Happend already dude.
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