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2/28/08 5:53:17PM
I dont know if this has been talked about yet,but I have not seen if WVR will be aired on tv or not I really hope they do,but if someone could help me out I would be stoked.
2/28/08 10:58:56PM
I remembered reading somewhere that it was going to be on HDNet... Don't have a source or anytning, so take that for what it's worth...
2/28/08 11:02:07PM
Thanks bud
2/29/08 6:29:46PM
Dream has been getting all of the attention lately, but this seems to be a great card IMO. Hopefully it will be on HDNET so I can go to a friends house and mooch off his food
2/29/08 7:36:39PM
I checked a few reliable sources and none of the WVR articles mention TV, if HDNet does air it the obvious question is live or tape delay? If it's live the start time would probably be something like 6 AM ET because of the time difference (Japan is 12-14 hours ahead of us).
3/2/08 2:15:51PM
I've searched HDNet on my guide and WVR isn't listed. Not even @ 6 a.m.
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