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1/29/12 6:15:39PM
World Top Team is currently #1 in the Middleweight division (11-20 person roster) here at MMA Playground, and we've been #1 in several previous seasons. We do a good bit of discussion of future events for both picks and betting, and we recognize our members when they excel. Its a great team all around.

We're currently recruiting 2-3 more players to round out our roster. Here is what we are looking for:

Great knowledge of MMA
Willingness to share your thoughts on upcoming events
Good track record for picks and betting
Positive attitude
Desire to win

If you feel like you have what it takes to be a part of one of the best fight camps here at MMA Playground send me a message or reply to this thread. Thanks!
1/29/12 7:32:25PM
Looking forward to the rest of the season Onyx. Great timing though for the #1 MW team post in this forum as the next event is Saturday and we've been atop the MW division 26 of the last 30 events.

But in all seriousness, good job getting a solid group together to compete with us at MW, should be a fun final 6 events and good luck on the new recruits

1/29/12 8:17:30PM
Yeah, we had a rough few seasons. Our last fight camp leader is a great guy, but he was just too busy. We've been in a rebuilding phase for a month or so now, and its really starting to pay off. The Ringers are a seriously excellent and consistent team, and its nice to be competing at that level again.
1/29/12 8:43:15PM
We'd actually both be #1 at LW, WW, LHW, or HW, every single division including the 2 man teams. That's some solid consistency for MW camps. The two best fight camps in the game are in the same division this season. Looks like we got a Bones vs. Anderson going on
1/29/12 9:57:33PM

I request an invite!

Edit: can't get rid of my camp until 48hrs after an event.
1/30/12 5:12:24PM
I sent you a PM. Thank you for your interest.
2/5/12 7:32:58PM
i'm also looking for a new camp..lemme know what u think...
7/10/12 4:59:43PM
WTT has up to 3 spots available for top players!

Message me if you are interested!

We're still #1!
7/10/12 5:28:29PM
7/26/12 9:51:36AM
I need a more active camp, hit me up if you want me.
8/12/12 12:46:34AM
Ok Lohmann, stick to the plan.... Drive down the average of the compitition

Seriously, we will miss ya. Good luck with the new crew.
8/15/12 4:37:07AM
im interested, not much discussion in my current camp.
12/30/12 10:04:53PM
#1 team in our division 3 seasons in a row now! We have a spot open for maybe one or two more elite players.
4/13/13 10:35:51PM
hey oxyx i won a top score, with the new set up i wont miss any picks. im ready to get back with a top team as i have had some changes in my personal life that give me more free time. time to get a #1.
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