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3/6/09 5:19:58PM
It's pretty tough to watch most of these games IMO. Teams like Japan pour their best talent into their rosters and other countries don't. Hopefully in the years to come the US will do the same.
3/7/09 5:05:53PM
Final: USA 6, Canada 5. USA next plays, if I saw correctly, the Italy-Venezuela winner.
3/7/09 10:34:38PM
Netherlands 3, Dominican Republic 2.
3/8/09 10:41:59AM

Posted by AchillesHeel

Netherlands 3, Dominican Republic 2.

Yeeeeeeeep, I was at that game rooting for NED so it would be easier for Puerto Rico to qualify. All blame goes to the manager Felipe Alou for not having Jose Reyes starting at SS, those two NED runs from the error was about all they did, besides a nice performance by Sindey Ponson.

Also, Puerto Rico 7 Panama 0

Javier Vasquez was amazing and he's in the Braves now , Pudge 4-4 2HR,2B, Single (I bet he'll start to get some team offers soon now, maybe for 1-2yr), Delgado 3-4 HR,2B.

I don't have any voice right now since I spent 9 hours at the Stadium yesterday, but will go today again for the Panama-Dominican game and see if the RD completes the FAIL, go Panama

Monday Puerto Rico-Netherlands, so Puerto Rico make it to the next round and I'll get some plane tickets to Miami to see them beating Team USA in the 2nd round
3/8/09 12:50:40PM
Roy Oswalt goes against Venezuela tonight at 8:00. Inexplicably, Luis Sojo used Felix Hernandez to relieve starting pitcher Carlos Silva against Italy, leaving Armando Galarraga to start against the USA in game 2. Admittedly, the score was tied 0-0 at the time - Venezuela scored four a half-inning after King Felix came in - but I can't believe they're so hard up for relievers.

Sojo's lineup vs. Italy (I expect to see the same tonight):

CF Endy Chavez*
3B Melvin Mora
RF Bobby Abreu*
1B Miguel Cabrera
LF Magglio Ordonez
DH Carlos Guillen**
2B Jose Lopez
C Ramon Hernandez
SS Cesar Izturis**
3/8/09 4:08:07PM
Venezuala is pretty tough but there pitching wont be strong enough to hold down USA's lineup down.
3/9/09 7:37:01PM
The Netherlands... Good gravy... They're leading Puerto Rico 1-0 in the 3rd, and Eugene Kingsale just threw out Bernie Williams at home from downtown, as we used to say in Little League.
3/10/09 1:23:49AM
Bernie Williams is my hero but I was pissed when I saw that the PR manager started him in LF and 1st batting spot. He's a good tool in the team as an experienced guy to pinch-bat then have someone to pinch-run for him but not as a starter. He couldn't reach an easy fly in the 2nd and got caught at home easily as Achilles mentioned.

Really bad moves from the PR manager Jose Oquendo today, I'm still disappointed that we left 21 men on base and couldn't hit a sacrifice Fly or even a squeeze bunt to at least tie the game. Thanks to Yadier Molina and Jesus Feliciano for getting the job done in the 8th to win it and secure out ticket to Miami.

PR 3

we are going to the 2nd round
3/10/09 11:58:38PM
Double Upset!!!!!!!!!!!

NED beats DR for the 2nd time to eliminate them. I'm soooo happy about this
There was a lot of trash talking down here from the Dominicans about how great they were and how they'd sweep the whole pool D.

at them.

This is just the living example(besides the Yankees and the Mets) that it doesn't matter how many stars you have in your team, baseball is mostly based on fundamentals and team chemistry.

The Nederland pitching and defense was too much for them, TWICE!

To determine pool winner games:
PR vs. NED tomorrow again, 5:30pm ET (i'll be there :))
USA vs. VEN tomorrow 6:30pm ET

These two games determines the 2nd Round POOL 2 initial set-up, respective winners vs. losers

Right NOW, POOL B: Cuba vs Australia, winner qualifies, loser plays Mexico tomorrow for the last spot in the second round.

POOL A : Korea won, Japan was runner-up. They're waiting for the outcome of POOL B.
3/11/09 9:54:56AM

Posted by Ordep

Double Upset!!!!!!!!!!!

I was totally rooting for the Dutch by the 7th. I hope we get to play them in the 2nd round.

And Canada got bounced by Italy. The only thing worse would be if the Italians beat them at hockey. That aside, Pools A, B and C are working out as expected. Japan and Korea; Cuba and the winner of Mexico-Australia; the US and Venezuela.

Victor Zambrano vs. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly tonight, in the Pool C gold-medal game. Zambrano hasn't started regularly since '05, and didn't pitch in the Majors at all last year. Lilly's a fly-ball pitcher with 1.23 WHIP in 204 innings for the Cubs in '08. He's a bit prone to giving up homers (32 allowed, 4.09 ERA) but Wrigley is a hitter's park, while Skydome... er, I mean, the Rogers Center... is more of a pitcher's park, and his BBs and Ks are decent (64 and 184).
3/12/09 1:48:53AM
Venezuela won the rematch, Puerto Rico only team to go undefeated in 1st round play for both classics('06-'09).

Saturday 8pm
USA vs. Puerto Rico

Le voy a Puerto Rico obviamente
3/14/09 10:34:59PM
Puerto Rico just KTFO USA 11-1, 7 innings.

Javier Vasquez is my new hero, and he's with the Braves now!!!

Next Victim: Venezuela

3/15/09 8:07:03PM

Posted by Ordep

Puerto Rico just KTFO USA 11-1, 7 innings.

Yeah, that was ugly.
3/15/09 11:43:59PM
End of the Cinderella story, NED is eliminated.
3/16/09 11:51:00PM
One Semi-final spot filled. VEN 2 PUR 0 , same story as from 2006
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