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3/24/09 1:22:29AM
Anyone watching it tonight, or watched it earlier tonight. Korea rallies in the bottom of the night to take this game to extra innings. Japan has men on third and second with two out and two strikes. Ichiro is up and we'll see if this guy can strike him out. This is a pretty exciting game of baseball.
3/24/09 2:01:04AM
Japan takes it in the 10th. Good game all around.
3/24/09 10:31:21AM
I watched part of it. Not because I was interested but because that's what was on @ the bar.

I love baseball but I'm 100% uninterested in the WBC.
3/24/09 12:33:27PM
Thats a shame, it really was an exciting game. I guess it helps if your girlfriend is Korean and your best buddy is Japanese though. Hahaha
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