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5/13/09 9:16:20PM
Hey I was just wondering if you guys knew any ab workouts that would help me get ripped abs, currently my abs are my worst part it has quite a bit of fat and flab on it and I was just wondering what the best way to lose it would be.
5/13/09 10:56:48PM
cardio. There is a train of thought that if you work out your abs then do cardio that fat will be more likley to burn but I don't know that has been proven.
5/14/09 12:06:28AM
Aside from the postmans interesting piece (never thought of that one) There are so many of these posts in forums history. There's twice as much knowlege as you'll ever use times 3. good luck-
5/14/09 1:57:05AM
do core workouts. i like doing planks, plank push ups, LOTS and lots of crunches, side crunches, curl ups, pull ups, stuff like that.
5/14/09 6:52:19PM
If you're really serious about getting some abs, then the best way would be to hire a good PT and he'll set up a good workout routine and diet--probably be the best money you ever spent.

It's not impossible to get good abs doing it yourself--but it is very rare.

Really I think the diet is even more important than the workout. You can work out like crazy, but without the proper diet it's going to be all for nothing.

I would suggest six small meals a day.

You need carbs, good fats(yes, we're not eliminating fats), and of course protein.

Eat good carbs and avoid the bad...The Good- Brown rice, sweet potatos, vegetables (lots of veggies) and fruit (not too much though). Avoid breads and pasta like the plague (I know, I love pasta to).

Limit the fat intake, or I should say--moderate your fat intake to good fats like olive oil, avocados, and salmon.

Lean proteins like tuna, baked chicken, and egg whites are essential.

Finally, lots of water, because dehydration will cause you to retain fluids.

Leg lifts, crunches, and running--all the workouts we hate.

Seriously though--hit up a good PT for the right routine.

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