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3/9/08 7:58:39PM
other than crunches and leg raises are there any good workout that target specifically the abs? thanks in advance
3/9/08 8:05:47PM
yea, its called Lay Off the F*cking cheese Burgers !!!!
3/9/08 8:26:22PM

Posted by juanez13

yea, its called Lay Off the F*cking cheese Burgers !!!!

sorry its an addiction jk but in all seriousness I'm not getting any results from them anymore kinda like a plateu affect
3/9/08 8:42:00PM
If you're looking to just toughen up your abs you can't beat medicine ball training in my opinion.

It works your core muscles (hips, abs and back) and toughens you right up in a matter of a few months.

If you want try it most gyms have them and their quite cheep to buy.

You'll notice how tough it is after your first session and it builds core strength which is essential for almost every aspect of training.
3/9/08 9:07:40PM
put a dumb bell on your chest, when you do crunches
3/9/08 9:24:58PM
I do 2 major things, fight workout and circuit training.
For toughness regardless of muscle mass go for the hanging situps and throw a medicine ball back and forth, also do hanging situps/crunshes while getting slammed in the core each rep. I do that consistantly harder each 5 reps.

Also there are different crunches and situps. There are V ups wher you straighten your legs and bring both halves up to a V shape. Also I do crunches where I bring myself completely up elbows to knees and while there I squeeze my abs until they won't hold. I do 10 reps. In between sets of those I do crunchdowns where you sit on a chair and, of coarse, squeeze my abs downward for about 10 seconds a rep.

You can also do leglifts for stamina and seperate leg crunches.

Suspended situps with heavy dumbells work well but they're not my personal taste as I aim toward being able to take shots and stamina.
3/9/08 10:28:48PM
Through my years of bodybuilding I can also add to my above comment that when you peek and you feel yourself level out or burnout then do negatives- emphasis on doing fast down and slow up.
3/9/08 10:56:49PM
Do wood choppers/cutters.

This is a great ab work out, but also uses a lot of stabiling muscles.

You can not go past this website if you are lifting weights.


Let me know how you go with this!!!

3/9/08 11:52:55PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

put a dumb bell on your chest, when you do crunches

I agree with that. After I felt like sit ups and cruches werent working to well I took a weight off my bench and held it on my chest while doing them. Makes a big difference
3/11/08 10:21:01PM
decline situps wth a medicine ball...

pass the ball to a partner at the top of the crunch then have him throw it back. go down with the ball then come up and pass it agian....repeat
3/12/08 2:08:44PM
L sits or L hangs

3/13/08 9:50:41AM
The timing of your ab work out can help...

If your a gym rat try working your abs first (ad in some side benders and L hangs like drunkel says)

Then rember abs are the core (center) of your body now during your work out flex and hold your abs tight during your reps....

You should feel this if your ab workout in the begining was hard enough

Also try this before cardio

And if your the body packs on muscle don't use weights on them, mid sections should look like Frank Zane not Jay Cutler
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