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6/30/09 12:51:17PM
Hey I have a Brazilian JiuJitsu tournement thats coming up in 1 month and I am trying to get into tip top shape. Im 5'11 and 145 pounds. If somone could please set up a workout rutine for me i would very much appreciate it. Also you could just give me one of your work out rutines that you do. Thanks so much
6/30/09 1:22:50PM

What are your goals going into the tournament? Here's what I mean:

Are you trying to cut any weight? (At your weight it seems moot)
Are you trying to improve cardio?
Are you trying to improve explosivity?
Is this a no time limit tournament., or a standard tournament?

I can give you some advice that has worked for me as well as my competition students, but there's no real generic answer to getting in shape for something like this.
6/30/09 11:42:56PM
not cutting weight want to gain lol..

Yes improve carido

Yes improve explosiveness

Limit tournement!
7/1/09 9:21:46AM

Posted by Jiu-Jitsu101

not cutting weight want to gain lol..

Yes improve carido

Yes improve explosiveness

Limit tournement!

Okay, this is easier!

For cardio, your looking to do two things:

1. Reduce your resting heart rate
2. Improve your lactic acid threshold

The best way to do this in a short period of time is to do a lot of HIIT exercises, or High Intensity Interval Training. Here's what I usually like to do for this:

Run at a jogging speed for 5 minutes to warm up
Sprint for 1 minute
Slow jog for 1 minute
Repeat for 5 sets or 10 minutes
Jog for 10 minutes to cool down

25 minutes total

Normally you would want to start increasing that time by doing more interval sets, but you dont have a whole lot of time so stick with that.

Stop doing this about 5 days before the tourny and do mild jogging.

For explosiveness you want to do high weight, compound exercises and do your sets with power. For example, do some power cleans with weight that allows you to 8 - 3 reps or squats to a press where the press you can only do 8 - 5 reps.

Dont do exercises like this every day,do them on alternating days. On the in between days, do some bodyweight exercises with high reps and few breaks. I like the Scrapper Workout 1 which you can find here:


This type of training is EXCELLENT for both lactic acid threshold and muscle endurance which is going to be very important for the tournaments.

I will send you a PM with more details. Good luck at the tournament bro!
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