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12/24/09 1:59:53PM
My family normally celebrates Xmas today. We have our dinner today and we open our gifts late night today or Midnight. On Christmas day, we MIGHT meet up for breakfast if we aren't too hung over/lazy. We will go our seperate ways the rest of the day and do it again next year.

I'm here at work from 8-5pm. It is so freaking slow. Everyone is just standing around shooting the ish with every one else, cruising the internet and cleaning out their desk. Cleaning out my desk took like 5 minutes. It's an easy day and I shouldn't be complaining but I would rather be arguing with my family at home.
12/24/09 3:10:57PM
This is the first Xmas I've had off in like 5 years and I'm loving it. Hang in there, only a few more hours to go
12/24/09 3:21:37PM
I feel your pain bro. I picked up a shift at the local Police Department for a little extra holiday cash today and I'll be partolling the mean streets of Brown County tonight. That is of course if I can get my rear wheel drive squad car out of town first.

No real complaints here though... Can't argue with the holiday pay and we'll just celebrate a few days from now. Kids are still a little too young to tell the difference.
12/24/09 3:26:04PM
I had to be at work from 7 to 3 today they let us leave at 1 so that was cool. The heater was broke so called the repair man and he was all pissy with me but I got to watch him cross to hot wires while 12 ft up a ladder sparks flew lights flickered and you could tell he knew we where laughing at him. All in all not a bad day.
12/24/09 3:42:19PM
Had to work as well but I got a half-day off meaning I got out at 10:30 AM, thankfully ahead of most of the traffic. Still worse than usual for midday though.
12/24/09 3:44:31PM
I got 4 and a half hours left. We might get let go early since it's sooo slow.

Nothing exciting has happened like the wires crossing yet. More like "I can't believe I just had an hour long conversation about Costco."
12/24/09 3:48:57PM
It does suck working today I'm still here(working5-3) and asked to leave early and got shot down ehhhh its OT for me so I guess I will bite the bullet and just deal
12/25/09 8:15:38AM
I started work at 8 pm yesterday and am still here now. It is 7:15 and my co-worker (relif) hasn't shown up yet. To top it off When I do finally get home it is right to work getting ready for family showing up for a christmas party. I hope I get to leave soon.
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