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2/24/09 7:03:34PM
My cousin is 11 and has had a rough life. His biological parnets were drug addicts and he was exposed to alot for a kid. He came to PA for a month and I took him to the GYM and he loved it. He says he gets so mad and dosn't know why. I think that training is just what this kid needs. My aunt and Uncle adopted him so he now has a great home and a good gym. It turns out there is a LA boxing not 2 miles from his house in Awhatukee Arizona. One of the trainers is Richie Hightower. At our Gym we are in touch with the school district to keeps tabs on behavior of our students outside off our class. So I guess Im wondering if anyone has any info on this location or any other. Thanks Playground!
2/25/09 6:21:44PM
Here's the homepage for LA Boxing in Ahwatukee, case you haven't already found it.

2/25/09 7:24:33PM
Thanks yeah I found it already
2/26/09 6:36:00PM
No experience with them in particular, but at 11 years old any kind of decent training is great. Especially if mostly he just needs an outlet for his anger.

I know Ringside boxing in Chandler is pretty reputable. Of course you also have Central Boxing Gym in Phoenix which has produced numerous champions over the years, and in Tempe you have Arizona Combat Sports which doesn't need an explanation.

All in all if proximity is the most important I'd say LA Boxing is where you need to be. I'll ask around and try to get back to you on this thread in a few days
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