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2/8/07 4:53:51PM
I've got to ask...

It seems like I'm on the computer f**king off more often than not...

Anybody else on the same boat?
2/8/07 11:42:42PM
I unfortunatly find myself involved in this website more than I should sometimes. I wasnt into MMA all that much until this website came along.
2/8/07 11:48:33PM
I work at home so it's really easy not to do real work, I should really consider a career change before I start having to call everyone noobtards cuz I'm on here so much
2/9/07 12:28:29AM
I do 10 hr graveyard shifts right in front of the computer. I get plenty done but have more than my fair share of bs time to deal with. As long as I stay away from porn and don't download anything I can pretty much do as I please.
2/10/07 1:46:28PM
im on this site everyday its hard to get anything done
2/10/07 5:37:07PM
I only work one day a week. So i actually work my ass off work a pretty dam good paycheck. But if i worked 9-5 i would be online a lot. Its hard to do work when you are bored out of your frickin mind.
2/11/07 8:26:25AM
Work, what is work David?
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